1. M

    Anyone applied for Indian Tourist Visa lately?

    Thought we would give India a try for our next hol, and blithely went ahead and booked. Then the question of the Tourist Visa raised it's ugly head - another £100 quid each on the bill. Worse, the application process looks a nightmare, all sorts of confusing bureaucratic nonsense and a flaky...
  2. ricardo62

    just applied for a sales position at mercedes benz

    I went on the mb website and looked at vacancys , I found 2 positions in Ipswich where I now reside . one was for a truck sales manager , the other was for a sales exec at the local dealership , the target set was 120 cars a year? in a team of 6 ? anyway sent off my c/v and covering letter , in...
  3. K

    How best to have the Engine Management & Transmission software updates applied ?

    I have a 2008 W204 C220 CDI Sport, and although the car has been into the Mercedes garage a few times, I strongly suspect they have never applied the Engine and Auto 5g Transmission software updates. Fuel economy is not good and I get the terrible lag when pulling off at junctions. Is there a...
  4. K

    Wobble when brake applied

    Hello to all the clever people out there, I currently have 2 new problems and seeking some more advice. When I press the brake pedal while traveling at speed I can feel a wobble on the car but nothing on the steering wheel. Could this be one of the back pads stuck. Secondly the drivers window...
  5. S

    GTechniq C1 coating applied - wow!

    The filthmobile went back to Bryan @ for it's final treatment for the winter - he's removed all the stone chips and treated the paintwork to an application of GTechniq C1 - I am astonished by the results! Today was a perfect sunny autumn Friday for a few farm pics :)
  6. W

    Knocking noise when brake applied

    My 11 year old C200 has recently developed knocking noise when the brake is applied to slow down. It sounds like the ABS working but it is not because there is no knock at the foot pedal. It wasn't hard braking anyway. I have replaced the two front disc but it did not help at all. The brake...
  7. Alfie

    COMAND 2.0E DX for sale A163 820 36 89 with MY01 applied.

    I have one ML COMAND for sale with part number A163 820 36 89. MY01 update already applied. Unit is fully tested, fully functional, warrantied and comes from a 2003 ML. This unit will fit easily into any ML (W163 shape). It is also the ideal unit for anyone wishing to install COMAND into...
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