1. D

    Traffic Film Remover (TFR); How To Apply.

    I've just been gifted a couple of gallon of TFR for my vans and just wanted to know the best way to apply it. This might also become a good thread for others in a similar situation. Thanks in advance...:thumb:
  2. R

    how do you apply leather dye?

    I've ordered from Dynamix, been given a sponge, but how do I apply it? Circular, up and down? And should there be any streaking when applying it? Many thanks
  3. Godot

    How many of us does this apply to? :crazy::eek: Not me!!!!!:rolleyes::p:D
  4. S

    Do I apply for the job?

    Saw an advert for an IT job in the Independent. Wrote the cover letter, attach the CV and was about to send it off when I decided to try and find a bit more about the company on the internet. There was nothing on it in Google. Checked out the Royal Mail and QAS address system. No such company at...
  5. pluggers

    HOWTO: Remove Door Mirror and Glass - W202 (other models apply)

    The first thing I did was to lower lower door window to gain access to the "C" clip.Fold the door mirror forward to expose the "C" shaped clip. Then with a flat bladed screwdriver insert between the clip and the plastic stop and move the clip away from the stop by turning the screwdriver...
  6. F

    Ignition sense wire for Geek . IMAGE HEAVY!!! Non broadband need not apply

    Hi dude , here are the pickies for the ignition sense wire . Its the black on with the yellow stripe up it. I just scotch blocked onto it and it works like a dream. I just took mine from the glovebox light as it was closest , but , this one is good too. if you Get stuck , get back to me...
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