1. A

    W211 e320cdi limp mode any help appreciated

    On my way to work this morning went over a pot hole and car went into limp mode got to work and left it sat there for the day. Come back to car EML is now on so decided to do a quick scan using the torque app and got p0244 turbo Wastegate solenoid I pulled over just to see if any of the...
  2. M

    Airmatic advice appreciated

    Hi all, My 2005 W220 has airmatic suspension, which whilst driving works just fine in all settings comfort, sport 1 and sport 2 (no malfunction messages on dash) The problem I am having is that when I park the car up I notice the r/o/s lowers by about 2-3" where as the r/n/s only lowers...
  3. markjay

    Selling my car - Online valuations - advice appreciated

    Been thinking of selling my car. So I obtained some online valuations. Car is: C180K, 4dr, 2006, 58k miles, Obsidian Black, Automatic, two owners from new, full service history (part-franchised part-specialist), 3 months MOT, COMMAND, non-leather seats. Not import, never been in a crash, no...
  4. W123chris

    Hi New to forum - W123 300TD - Advice appreciated

    Hello fellow Merc people, I have a beautiful shiney red 1985 - W123 300 estate which means a lot to me - grew up in the car (aswel as a house ofcourse) she was my grandaddys and we have seen some miles - however the major problem at the moment is the Ignition Barrel needs replacing due to some...
  5. Evoluzione

    Unhappy with new car order - help appreciated.

    I ordered a new A45 last week, or I think I have but am really not happy with the level of service I have received so far. I've not got a correct order form, haven't really signed much, dealer is awful at returning calls, have been promised a copy of the order to check days ago, last one had...
  6. dowtherz

    E300h or CLS250CDI? Advice appreciated

    So, looks like I will be swapping the train commute for more driving in my job. Being paid 35p per mile so want to try and minimise the fuel cost element to pay for the depreciation, servicing etc. Looking to spend £18K-£22K on either a CLS250CDI or E300h, thoughts so far: * Reading the forum...
  7. S

    Advice would be appreciated

    Hi everyone im new to the site so hope ive posted in the rite section . Im going to view a 2004 mercedes c270 avantgarde it has 190 odd k on the clock and has full sevice history should i avoid this or would it be ok if so what do i look out for asvice would be appreciated thank you .
  8. K

    SLK buyer - any help/tips appreciated

    Dear all, I'm hoping to buy an SLK350 2004 onwards for about £8000. Fair price? Lots of options to choose from and don't want to buy the wrong one. Coming from an MX5 2.0 which I find a bit underpowered and bumpy. Are they ok for rust from that year? I've heard the rear arches were a problem...
  9. zoros

    Your views appreciated
  10. B

    Any advice appreciated

    Hi All, I am thinking of upgrading my rather knackered old Astra and am going to look at a 2002 C220 CDI Classic Automatic with 110,000 on the clock, FSH. Basically I know very little about these cars and was hoping you guys would be able to tell me what to look for, I know the car has...
  11. L

    Advice appreciated on non starting car

    My car suddenly decided not to start yesterday, absolutely no ticking over of engine just clicking noise and lots of flashing on dashboard when turning key. Thinking this may be a starter motor issue, is this sort of thing easy for a travelling mechanic to fix or would it need to be towed to a...
  12. E

    Droning noise and judder in D. Any help would be appreciated

    Hi Guys, I am proud owner of an early w203 C180. 2001 with 2 liter engine without kompressor. I love my car but I have a few problems which I am hoping to solve if not part from my car. Happen to bought it of a very dishonest person anyways. The problem is when car is cold and started in the...
  13. R

    C Class buying advice appreciated

    Hi, new and no mercedes experience so help appreciated. Currently have a BMW 320d 2012 (latest model), very nice car, quick, very economical, £30 road tax etc etc. I fancy a Mercedes and going to look at a few at the dealers tomorrow. I know there is a new C class just out but I usually buy...
  14. E

    Opinions appreciated

    Currently have a set of 11 hole Algenib alloys on the car - pretty good condition and certainly no problems to keep on the car. I also have what the previous owner said were the original alloys for the car (10 hole) as per link provided that have been refurbished and are mint conditionwise...
  15. reflexboy

    Scottish road trip-Advice appreciated

    In June the fairer half and I are planning a road trip from home (Surrey) to Scotland. We drove up there two years ago and stayed near Callander and had a great time. We like driving through areas with good roads and great scenery and although not 'pro walkers' we do enjoy a couple of hours...
  16. K

    Any help appreciated.

    Morning All Looking at buying a SLK. Have seen a lovely one at The Car shop Leicester. Has anybody bought from them? All seems fine, but have been burnt before :mad:
  17. grumpyoldgit

    Advice on brake discs appreciated.

    As title says, I would appreciate any advice on replacement discs from those amongst you who have changed theirs. I'm looking for front discs. I have looked on Eurocarparts site and see that they have 3 different suppliers, Eicher, Pagid & Textar. Can anyone recommend any one particular make...
  18. M

    w202 c250td non starter, any input appreciated

    Hi everyone, i've been lurking on this site for a while now trying to fix the problem with my w202. Thought I had it solved but alas it's happening again. I had an air leak in my fuel system (c250td) and after reading similar stories here, I replaced my clear fuel pipes. Car started...
  19. crockers

    Any help and support is really appreciated

    I know this is a bit of a cheek, but my granddaughter's partner is in the running for an award at the Lesters this year. He is competing against 3 other jockeys for his ride on Chapter Seven. This was an amazing race, and coupled with his having won 5 races in a row in one meeting at...
  20. J

    Sickly A-Class - any help appreciated

    Hi, I wonder if anyone here can help point me in the right direction with a rather sickly 2003 A160 Auto. The issues: Engine Management Light on BAS/ESP Light on No gearbox indicator display in dash In Limp Mode (won't go over 30mph) Gearbox in limp mode (Reverse and 2nd gear only and engages...
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