1. markjay

    Mean apprentice, anyone?

    There are quite a few 'classics' on the Internet with regards to poor choice of domain names. Here is one I spotted today (they sent me a marketing email):
  2. WDB124066

    Master and apprentice.

    The only man who made Slowhand look fast, RIP... JJ Cale, Eric Clapton (After Midnight & Call me the Breeze) - YouTube
  3. developer

    The Apprentice - Proper Telly

    How I love it - even the junior version :thumb:.
  4. The Boss

    Apprentice - You're fired! - watched it live tonight

    My other half treated me to a very nice surprise.. the live filming of the apprentice you're fired.. to be broadcast on Wednesday night. was a great evening and I highly recommend it to any one Tickets are free from - Anyways.. if you want a face to avatar, im on the...
  5. oldcro

    The Apprentice: Your Fired

    The Apprentice: You're Fired According to the EPG, The Apprentice:You're Fired is not on tonight after The Apprentice on BBC1 over on BBC2 10pm. However,according to BBC2's web site it is on as usual. So if it is on as usual you will need to set your recorder manually if planning to record...
  6. D

    The Apprentice

    anyone who enjoys watching this - the link below is well worth a look :D
  7. SilverSaloon

    The Apprentice

    Anyone see this last night? How long did it take them to finish doing that 1st taxi?! 3 hours or something for a cr@p job aswell and multiple people working on it. both teams were pretty useless.... they should have gone and washed passer's by cars/supermarket cars all day long instead of...
  8. R

    The Apprentice - Humour

    Not sure who is following "The Apprentice" on MB Club, but the videos on this link tickled me.
  9. Madferrit

    The Apprentice

    Totally hooked on The Apprentice.. but its coming to an end. Who do you think will win? I had my hopes on James or Tim.. but it seems Sir Alan decided James was too posh for his show.. perhaps rightly so. I think he wants someone to walk into the job and feel they've achieved something...
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