1. Toobad

    Polishing Black Cars - a slightly "left field" approach

    Having been plied with a gourmet meal and copious amounts of alcohol, it appears I "volunteered" to detail my next door neighbour's new-to-him 8-month old Kia Sportage or should that be "Sportard" :D The Phantom Black metallic paint was in surprisingly good condition with evidence of only...
  2. S

    W209 CLK Mild Audio Upgrade Advice - Connections and Approach

    Hi All, I've currently upgraded my facelift CLK with COMAND and I added the Fiscon pro on the weekend, replacing the existing UHI and iPod setup, as it was getting a little clunky. All working nicely. My next step is to look at upgrading the audio to another stage, nothing thundering and I...
  3. developer

    Guitar Practice - The Highly Strung Approach

    :D Warning - bad playing (and language). Vms_6_TSQuc
  4. reflexboy

    A different approach to rusty arches-Advice

    The time has come to sort out my arches on the SL. I have read with interest Malcolm's post on 'the other side' about Hammeriting the arches and using the Mini gutter trim to protect them once treated. I bought various types of this guter trim and feel it may not stay on very well. I also want a...
  5. Bear

    Blackwall tunnel northern approach new speed limit

    Noticed this today thought it was worth warning folks here,the limit has been dropped down to 40mph from the A13 to where the road joins the A12.The large 50mph signs have been replaced with beer mat size 40mph signs very sneaky :eek: Pete
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