1. russwagg

    Approved used service - warranty.

    Brought my 2013 C204 in April last year, B service is now due; dilemma is, pay £600 for Merc to do it or pay around £200 for someone else to do exactly the same service.? However burning question is, if anything is found wrong at Mercedes would they repair it under their warranty or would I...
  2. pmcgsmurf

    Don't Rely on Approved MB Dealer Fitting All the Parts After a Service

    My 6 year old W212 has 14k miles on the clock and until now has always been main dealer serviced every year, either John R Weir, Mercedes Grangemouth (Arnold Clark) or Western Mercedes. Car has done about 1k miles since last service, was quoted £257 and was happy with this for an "A Service"...
  3. Y

    Approved used with faulty windscreen

    Hi everyone, I need advice about an approved used c220 i bought a month ago. I found the car in excellent condition and ignored some miniscule spots on the windscreen considering it as part and parcel of the wear and tear on a 2 year old car. However when I was driving home from work a week ago...
  4. E

    Our Triple QX C3 now tested and approved by Mercedes

    Great News! Our Triple QX C3 Engine Oil has been tested by & Approved by Mercedes for the 229.52 specification. What This Means: Any oil can 'meet' a specification, but our Triple QX 5w30 C3 Engine Oil has been APPROVED by them - This means that it could be used in a vehicle of any...
  5. T

    Approved Used Standard - Recent Purchase

    Hi All, My first post on the forum.. I recently purchased an Approved Used from Mercedes - a 2010 C180 CGI (Within the last two weeks). I'm very happy with the car however there were a few issues including the passenger central locking which is'nt working. They ofcourse are happy to fix...
  6. G

    Used Approved C Class Coupe - Full Respray

    Hi, I had another thread running because I was looking at getting a new C Class however a 2012 C180 C Class Sport AMG Fire Opal caught my eye at MB Stevenage. With 16,000 miles on the clock and a £1000 dealer contribution to make it £15,450, it was a much more reasonable price for me so I went...
  7. D

    Dec vs Jan approved used car purchased - prices?

    Hi All Looking to buy a W212 E250, was hoping to buy one before the end of the year as currently without a car however, if I wait til the next year is there likely to be better pricing based on your experience? I thought maybe there may be better deals out there now as some dealers may be...
  8. BTB 500

    Approved Used G63 for £112k ... take a look at the back!

    Saw this G63 for sale at M-B World today for £111,970 Look at the spare wheel cover :eek:
  9. B

    Approved Used Car and MB Customer Service

    I purchased an Approved Used Mercedes Benz in June 15, since then and less than 1000 miles several issues have become apparent with the car, I contacted the supplying dealer principle who has not replied. I then contacted MB customer services who were of no help. The dealership also mis-sold...
  10. K

    C Class W205 sport C200 bought MB approved used car lots of problems

    Hi Guys, Can any gentlemen here guide me I bought this piece of crap for 27000 pounds from one of the approved MB used car dealers which they say we do rigorous tests so a simple common person should be tension free anyway long story short issues being faced in 9 days of usage and only driven...
  11. flowrider

    MB Approved Used scheme

    Does anyone know what is checked on an Approved Used car. I have read somewhere that tyres are replaced if below 4mm of tread, what else is upgraded or replaced. Thanks
  12. SmartMAC

    Approved my MB bodyshop quality?

    MB bodyshop quality? I got my car back from MB after being resprayed on 3 panels following the red paint issue on my 2011 coupe; bootlid and 2 rear panels. On first inspection at dusk when the car was delivered to me (another story), paint job appeared to be OK, however: After taking the...
  13. N

    Approved E220 several problems | need help.

    Please suggest/advice..! I bought the approved used car from the MB dealer 2 weeks ago, but car have some technical & mechanical problems, 1. Car Engine making some strange noise while running, noise is too high from cold start, & while pulling off. 2. Gear transition are not smooth &...
  14. markjay

    MB Dartford - Approved Used

    Has anyone bought a car from them? If so, I would be interested to know how was your experience. Thank you...
  15. B

    Approved MB Used Car Warranty - worth it?

    Hi, Am looking at buying a 2011 E Class 350 Coupe from MB dealer, mileage is up a bit and dealer is very vague about price to change and is pushing MB finance offer. Alternatively I have found a similarly equipped 2010 CLS 350, 50k miles, for £1000 cheaper with warranty from a "prestige" car...
  16. G

    Approved Used?

    HI Bought a Vito Sport X from a Merc Dealer up north and because of time constraints I trusted the dealer so i didnt view the van or drive it first. It ticked all the boxes apart from the colour but hey - cant win them all. Paid 24K up front. 1 week later the Van is in the garage with: Oil Leak...
  17. ian1676

    Approved Used Standards

    Am I being picky or are Stealer Approved Used cars not prepared as well as they should be? I've just got my second approved used MB - first car 3 years ago had 2 scuffs on the bumpers when collected and a piece of trim hanging off inside by the rear screen. Current one (6 years old 71,000...
  18. james2375

    PCP on approved used Mercedes?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if you can have PCP finance from a main dealer on used approved please? If so when you come to part ex it (as opposed to paying the balloon) can you do it against another used approved? I am thinking of trading my E250 (which I own outright) for a 3 year old CLS. Thanks
  19. Was1

    Approved Mercedes Bodyshop

    Only 7 months old from brand new and some horrible inconsiderate B***ard has hit the car and driven off without leaving any details. My insurance company has recommended Balgores Motor Group in Essex as the approved mercedes body shop. I have contacted mercedes and they confirm that it is an...
  20. P

    Approved Used CLS?

    I getting close to deciding on a CLS from Mercs Approved Used network. Question is other than negotiate a price, what else is worth asking for. My thoughts so far in order of preference. Comand map update (car 2010) Discount on a set of winter wheels and tyres (Merc £2200, Alloywheels...
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