1. A

    Mercedes GPS Antenna & Audio 30 APS30 Nav CD

    1. Mercedes GPS Antenna New / unusued in original poly bag Part no B6 7 82 3078 MB Price: £51.13, offered at £15 2. Audio 30 APS Navigation CD (2 disc), This is the Version 7.0 disc set (Mapping info is circa 2003/2004). Although there was a Version 9.0 disc for these units, they...
  2. T

    becker APS30

    i have the offer of a becker APS30 model no 4716 would this fit into a W210 Eclass 1998.
  3. Tan

    APS30 CD problem

    Hi I have just moved an APS30 Sat nav from one car to another, now the CD won't play. If I put an an audio CD in, it reads the CD shows the tracks but there is no sound. If I put the navigation CD in then it shows as a CD ROM, but the unit still asks for the Navigation CD. Any ideas? I am...
  4. M

    APS30 aerial

    Hi, Can anyone help me source an antenna for the APS30 unit? What is the connector type called so I can do a search for one? Thanks. shr.
  5. M

    APS30 Antenna

    Hi All, I'm after a GSP antenna for an APS30. Where I can get one from? eBay I guess? What is the name of the connection type they use so I can do a search? Thanks. shr.
  6. T

    aps30 nav disc wanted

    just got a aps30 from ebay but the disc is very old, just wonder if anyone can get a copy of the lastest disc for uk version 9 i belive!
  7. V

    APS30 retrofit problem

    Hi all, i have retrofitted my ML (june 2002) with a Comand2 and sent my previous aps30 to a friend of mine to mount on and old E class (i think w210). The E class was previously equipped with an audio10 system and my friend plugged the unit without trouble to the connectors but....... The...
  8. Tan

    Mercedes APS30 Sat Nav

    Hi I am selling my Mercedes APS 30 Sat Nav unit for Pre facelift W203 C-class or W209 CLK. The unit is in good condition and comes with original navigation disk. I am looking for around £300 or nearest offer. Please PM if you are interested or require any further information. Many...
  9. J

    aps30 operating instructions

    After upgrading my audio 10 to an aps30, I've at last got it working, after driving around for a few weeks with it displaying the PROD. message on the display, I decided to go to the merc dealer, they sorted it on the spot, and didn't even want to charge me - it was just a coding issue. Now...
  10. Howard

    Mclaren APS30 one of only 3

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Mercedes-Benz-APS-30-McLaren-sat-nav-W203-209-C-CLK_W0QQitemZ9708342179QQcategoryZ75327QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem looks nice....
  11. stats007

    What instrument clusters support APS30 display?

    Does anyone know what models you can have the instrument cluster display the BE4716 APS30 sat nav information? I read this thread but it doesn't detail any specific cars. Will it work on my R129?
  12. jeremy156

    Navtech CDs for APS-30

    I bought my used car with APS 30 installed and it came with the following navigation CDs set: Audio 30 APS Version 7 2003 Part No. A2038273259 NAVTECH Can anyone tell me whether these are the latest release and indeed where to get upgrades? Thanks, Jeremy
  13. stats007

    Mercedes/Becker APS30

    Is anyone familiar with the APS30 single CD sat nav unit? There are a couple on eBay but wondered how good they actually were - I don't really need sat nav so am just considering this as it's easy to fit and unobtrusive. APS30 on eBay
  14. M

    APS30 Nav CD

    Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me the latest software version on the APS30 Nav system please? I've got version 7 and have found a few areas that it does not recognise, particularly a roundabout that used to be a junction. Is there a more up to date software edition out there? Thanks. shr.
  15. Mozzer

    Becker V7.0 for the APS30

    Anyone got the version 7.0 cds that they could lend me for an hour ?
  16. S

    APS30 for sale (sans GPS aerial and map disk)

    Live in the US and can't get full functionality out of this unit since they never made map disks for the good ol' U - S of A. For what I can do with it, it works great! Trying to scrounge up enough for a full fledged COMAND 2.0 to retrofit into my W202. Make me an offer! PM or e-mail to...
  17. shearder

    Can the APS30 Play MP3s

    Hi again Can the APS 30 play MP3s. Our dealer here just don't know or are waiting for me to open my wallet before they tell me it can or can't be done. Any ideas? Thanks.
  18. J

    APS30 & compatible CD changer?

    Hello First post. Can anyone tell me the model number of a CD changer compatible with the optical out of my APS30. Local dealer can only give the long part number. I'm looking for the MC3198 type number. Many thanks.
  19. pammy

    APS-30 Mercedes-Benz Navigation *as new* on ebay

    here anyone interested?
  20. M

    APS30 or alternatives???

    Have recently been talking (on this forum) of installing an APS30 unit in my W208. I've since been thinking that perhaps there are other units out there that might be better. Specifically, I want to maintain steering wheel controls and instrument cluster display facillities. Is this...
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