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    User Guide for APS4 radio?

    My 1998 W210 has a Bosch APS4 radio similar to this one (but in English): The MB dealer can't find a manual for it & I can't find one on the internet. Does anyone have a manual I could borrow to scan or even sell me? Many thanks, Mike Bognor Regis E430
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    APS4 Satnav wiring in a A-Class

    Hi, guys, just need a little bit of help on wiring up the satnav in my A-Class. As you all know the CDI170 does not come with a satnav system as standard and I have managed to pickup a new APS4 system with a wiring loom. The only problem is how do I wire it up, as the APS4 is not for the...
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    APS4 German to English

    Hi, ok i know you all say it's not a real Mercedes but i have got a A-Class 170CDI LWB and i managed to win a complete APS4 sat nav on ebay, yes i hear you say fool! but i did ring up MB to enquire from them about putting a unit in, but they never rang back so i started to look around on the...
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    Aps4 / Mc3296

    i have problems to get a cd - changer to work with the APS 4, the cd- changer is the MC 3296, I wonder if I need a setup cd or something like that ?
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