1. H

    Command APS50 NTG1

    HI When I push serv button to set clock Nothing happens :mad: Can any one help:thumb: E 280CDI Sport 2007 Hog
  2. Tan

    Command APS50

    Hi My car was at the dealership this morning and I had a new navigation CD installed and now I have lost some of the sound options that the stereo had. There used to be a list of sound options including Accoustic, Driver, Front surround, Surround etc, but now it only has three options...
  3. aka$h

    w211 aps50 to Comand upgrade

    Ive recently bought a 2004 E320 cdi saloon. Its currenty got the following in terms of electronics: APS50 navigation 6 CD changer Harman Kardon Ive just bought a Comand and DVD drive for it. I know the retro fit is a lot simpler due to the car having HK audio. It also has the...
  4. M

    FS: W169 "A" / W245 "B" APS-50 Radio navigation new

    I have a new Mercedes APS-50 Navigation. If you are interested I will post it to the UK by courier from Australia. This unit was accidentally delivered to Australia instead of a COMAND. It has never been used. I am happy to send it to Alfie (Mark) or Richard (Richard) for it to be fitted...
  5. Donza

    Will a 03 W211 with APS50 play MP3's?

    Yes i bought another W211 and no i am not going away.. And for the record i am not a troll. This is a serious question.. Also is it possible to hook it up to aftermarket cd-changer? Thanks http://www4.mercedes-benz.com/e/cars/e-class/betriebsanleitung/globpics/6820274331_audio50.jpg
  6. D

    What is APS50 like in the new c class

    Hi my first post as i have just joined. I have ordered a new c class a 320 sport and it i due to build on 25th june one thing thou has been bugging me a little . what is the aps50 navigation like ? should i try to get it upgraded to command ? any help is welcome
  7. D

    ipod integration kits for Audio APS50

    Hi, I'm a new member wishing to find out if there is an iPOD integration kit for the APS50 audio system? Also how do you remove the APS50 system to connect it? David
  8. jahewitt

    Naviation disc for w211 (2003) aps50

    I am trying to upgrade the disc (CD I think) in the APS50 Sat Nav unit in my E class W211. It appears to have a disc from HArman/Becker. Does anyone know where I can get these from . . . . or do I have to go to the delaership. Any help please . . . .!
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