1. T

    W211 front ARB replacement

    Hi, has anyone ever changed the front ARB on a W211 . I started today and have got stuck with the front two torx bolts on the ARB bush clamps ( the 2 bolts nearest the front of the car.) It looks like the front end needs dropping as the 2 torx bolts on the bush clamp are partially...
  2. A

    W212 E63 AMG - front arb bushes

    Hi, I think I have some knocking noises fromt the front ARB - the drop links seem ok, so it is probably coming from the anti roll bar bushes. I have failed to come up with a part numberr for thes rubber bushes themselves, and someone told me that they are only supplied with the complete anti...
  3. P

    W211 ARB Drop Link Replacement?

    Hi Folks, Hopefully a couple of quick question.... Is it possible to remover an ARB (Anti Roll Bar) drop link by jacking up one front side of the car? Also when doing so is there any expected tension that I should be cautious of when removing them? I intend to do one at a time on my...
  4. BigAdy

    Front ARB bushes

    Hi everyone new here need advice on my clk 270cdi needing to change front arb bushes but two people say that its a pain first one said they are to tight and scared to snap them other one said he wouldn't touch it how hard can it be :dk:
  5. french

    Eibach rear ARB

    Or similar for a W203 .
  6. M

    s202 C250TD front anti roll bar bushes ARB

    Hi, can someone with WIZ or EPC look up the correct front ARB's for the above vehicle please. There seem to be numerous I.D's due to different size bars and I am getting conflicting sizes when I look online. If you need the VIN just let me know thanks in advance, Matt
  7. M

    cls55 front arb bushes

    are these easy to change or a ball ache?? been told they are a pain in the ass as the cross member has to be dropped??? can anybody tell me?
  8. M

    w124 sportline front ARB and steering box

    I'm looking for a sportline spec front ARB for a w124 320TE estate and also the corresponding sportline spec steering box. Anybody out there got these before I try the specialist breakers?
  9. P

    Anyone ever changed their ARB for eibach ones?

    Just wondered if they will make a hole heap of difference really. My steed has seen a fair few thousand miles now so I'm going to look to replace the shocks and various bushes but then I thought about the body roll and if there was a way to reduce it. Mine an AG not a sport. I found that...
  10. M

    Front ARB bushes

    Does anyone have a picture of the bushes I need for the front ARB for a 2001 S210 E320cdi
  11. S

    W208 ARB Replacement

    Quick question… I was just wondering, when replacing an ARB bushes on a W208, would you loosen the bolts on the lower arms? I only ask as I am trying to ascertain who left my lower ARM bolts loose; the people changing my ARB bushes or the wheel alignment place after (mine has the camber bolts).
  12. SilverSaloon

    W124 arb bracket keeps on snapping

    Hi On my silver W124 estate the front ARB bracket on the drivers side keeps snapping. I've replaced it 3 times now. The 1st time I put it down to age and replaced the rubber bushes at the same time with MB parts. 2nd time i put it down to duff replacment (non-MB but MELEE branded) and...
  13. D

    C55 front ARB

    Some advice would be great. I have an annoying, and increasingly noticeable noise from my front offside corner. Most noticeable when going over speedbumps etc. Sounds like a squeaky bed. My local indy reckons the front ARB is the culprit, but I can't quite get my head around this. How can a...
  14. T

    R107 SL Front ARB Drop Links / Changing advice

    Hello people. Can anyone tell me, is this as simple as it looks? Car is a 1987 E reg, 300SL. Been getting a strange rattle / rattles sound from the front when i ride the bumps, mechanic reckons its the front anti roll bar drop links. He reckons its an easy DIY fix at home with a 13mm...
  15. MB-BTurbo

    Wheel alignent needed after ARB fitted?

    Do I need to get a four wheel alignment done after fitting a new ARB to the front and replace the rear ARB bushes to my B class? The dealer says 'Yes' but I dont see why. Can anyone explain?
  16. proser

    W210 ARB drop links

    The front links have a rubber tab as part of the bottom bush, at 90 degrees to the link. If the tab moves from this position, is it a sign that they are wearing and therefore loose in the metal housing ? I only ask as I have replaced the o/s about 6 months ago and the n/s about 3 weeks ago and...
  17. W

    Parts for sale - W124 ARB bushes, brake hoses, Xenon warning stickers, 190E bits etc

    Hi Gang, Having a clear out last weekend I found a few new spares that I'd forgotten about that I bought for my 300TE which I sold last year. 1x set of new genuine MB front anti roll bar bushes - inner and outer. Part numbers: A124 323 45 85 x2 A124 323 50 85 x2 A common wear...
  18. B

    C36 springs, shocks and ARB

    Hello, I have for sale a set of 4 springs and shocks and the front ARB from a C36 AMG. Guide price around £75, but very much open to offers Cheers Ben
  19. B

    C36 AMG springs, shocks and ARB

    Hello, I have a set of 4 springs, 4 shocks and the front anti roll bar (bar, bushings and mount) from a 1997 C36 AMG. I would prefer to sell the lot as a set but could consider splitting. Based in Cambridge but could meet within reasonable distance. Open sensible to offers Cheers Ben
  20. B

    W124 arb

    Can anyone identify if this anti roll bar is from a 4 or 6 cylinder w124? Cheers Bri
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