1. C

    W208 rear arch repair paneks

    Hi All. It's probably been asked a million times but any ideas where I can source repair panels for rear arches? I've just picked up a snotter off eBay which I want to give a bit of TLC as it's basically sound, so all advice on a source is welcome
  2. T

    A45 amg rear wheel arch splash guards

    I am trying to find where I can a hold of some new rear wheel arch splash guards, if that is there right name, I've found some carbon fibre ones on e bay for £110 but hoping for cheaper... any ideas anyone
  3. stwat

    2017 ARCH KRGT-1- Jay Leno's Garage; Celebrity Gossip Inside

    Has Keanu been sniffing the white powder before this interview? He certainly seems more animated than he ever has been in any of his acting roles,,
  4. brucemillar

    124 front inner wheel arch liners?

    Folks Does anybody know, or can tell me, if the front inner arch liners on a 124 stop at the bumper height. As I look into the wheel arch, while standing behind the wheel, I can see the inside of the bumper apron? I wondered if this was correct or, am missing a bit of trim? It is the same on...
  5. clarea

    Rust on wheel arch

    I have a very small amount of rust on the nearside rear wheel arch and it's annoying me :) Can anyone recommend somewhere I can get it fixed please? Near St Albans, Herts. Thank you
  6. S

    W124 c124 coupe arch innerwing grommet bung plugs

    I was told the holes in the inner rear wing are access to the shock absorbers But theres is nothing but blank space.. i can see tiny screws with plastic carrier bag style in there from the factory So what are they Anyone know? Please help Thanks Ps. They are Not shock absorber...
  7. G

    W169 - Torsion bar touching wheel arch lining

    Noticed recently a very fine screeching noise, when turning steering wheel quickly (as in a multi-storey car park), had a look today and saw this (apologies for rubbish pic quality - awkward place, and mobile phone cam): A200 Avantgarde, C169, sports suspension, 18" AMG wheels, 225/40-18...
  8. M

    Mercedes 202 Amg arch extensions

    Mercedes 202 c class Amg arch extensions black rubber type x4 removed from a c43 Amg 1999 £80.00
  9. A

    Lower wheel arch chips

    Hiya all does anyone know if their is a bit of kit that can protect this lower edge of the inner wheel arch rim My car is a 2012 A Class and looked for mud flaps for my make of car and it doesn't look like any are available for my make and model of car? I have seen some deflector things...
  10. C

    cls 350 wheel arch rust

    Hello, I own a CLS 350 W219 2006. I appreciate the help so far from users, but there's something I need further help with. When polishing my car last weekend, noticed the inner wheel arches had slight bubbling. Not proper rust as of yet, but can imagine it worsening, especially with the...
  11. S

    S203 rear wheel arch rust repair

    There is evidence of rust on the leading edge of my rear wheel arches, so far only on the return lip and so i am going to have a go at repairing this myself. What is involved in removing the rear arch liners? I have all the necessary rust removal tools, some Kurust and top coat and lacquer plus...
  12. G

    Furry/Lined Arch Liners

    Hi, My C63 has almost lined/carpeted arch liners. Anyone got any good tips/suggestions for cleaning them after all the salt we've had on the roads recently? Even after trying to jetwash them, they still look grubby.
  13. A

    W124 Coupe rear arch repair panels

    Hi All I'm working on a w124 E320 coupe. I need to repair the rear arches due to rust. I can only seem to find arch repair panels for a saloon. Can you tell me if these are compatible with the coupe? Do the coupe and saloon have the same arch profile? Thanks Ash
  14. Timmos

    Rear arch stone protectors

    Apologies if this has been covered before, I can't seem to find anything about the clear plastic film at the front of the rear wheel arches. Mine are looking a bit worse for wear and wondered if I can get replacements,if so is it a diy job or would it have to go into a body shop? It's a black...
  15. E

    R107 rear wheel arch repair

    I want to replace both sides so any experience as to whether the SL shop repair panels are a good fit or any other recommendations?
  16. L

    Hole in NSR wheel arch

    Hi. C240 2001. Is it normal to have a 2mm hole in the NSR wheel arch?? Is it ok to just Rust Remedy it and fill the hole? Cheers.
  17. P

    W168 Wheel arch gaps

    Hello on here and to the world of owning a w168 a class, but Im no stranger to cars and know my way around ;) The question I have is, the 1999 A140 Elegance I now own has the standard Elegance 15" alloys fitted with the recommended 195x50x15 tyres,, but the arch gaps seem to big to...
  18. S

    W124 coupe rear arch repair panel

    Hi all, completely new to all this forum stuff, been look for a couple of days for rear wheel arch repair panels but cant find any for the coupe. Does anyone on here know of somewhere make them. Many thanks
  19. steve333

    Slk r170 rear wheel arch rust prevention/cure

    As per title,about year ago both rear arches on the wife's 2003 slk we're showing signs of rust(inner lips bubbling/rusty areas)so I rubbed them down after removing all the mud/drying them out then applied a rust remedy that was recommended on here(can't remember the name)before painting them...
  20. poormansporsche

    W202 AMG Wheel Arch Liner Plastics are they same as standard W202 ???

    Alright good peoples, My front wheel arch plastics are smashed and ive chucked them in the bin but ive since discovered that I have, what im assuming are AMG brake cooling pipes (HWA part number on them) which connect to the inner arch. Does anyone know if the standard inner arch plastics...
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