1. C

    CLK Rear Arches

    Hi all, It's probably been asked to death but I'm after the latest info on sources for rear quarter repair arches for a W208 CLK430. I've just brought a snotter off EBay which I already love but it needs some TLC Thanks in advance
  2. D

    anyone tackled rusty arches themselves?

    Hi guys rear arches are getting a bit scabby on the ml270. I was thinking of grinding them back and treating them to stop them getting worse. Any thoughts?
  3. astamir

    w208 rear wheel arches

    Hi guys I've got one w208 clk320 with the very nice original brabus body kit. I was going to break but decided to bring it back to its glory. Planing to sort out the rusts I've got on rear wheel arches and needed clean rear wheel arches. If anyone is breaking one with clean body please give me...
  4. D

    Rusty Arches W211

    Hi guys. I have a 2002 W211 with rust on the lips of both rear arches whichI want to catch early. I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who has had it fixed and how long it lasted. I can see where detrius collects behind the lip. I'm thinking pressure wash regularly to hopefully delay...
  5. F

    Fiberglass arches "denting in"?

    So I've had a black series body kit on my CLK 500 for a few months now, just recently I'm noticing a few parts of the arches are sort of "denting in", if that's somehow possible, one part, the paint has a tiny crack seemingly where it's changed shape with the dent and cracked a bit, I will...
  6. J

    Rust C Class wheel arches? Including Colour Pics! Best way to protect your motor?

    My 2005 C class is very rusty underneath, not as good as my 2002 VW Golf which is amazing. And today I noticed the wheel arches are starting to bubble! What do the Pros do to protect their ride? :D
  7. michaelk3289

    rust on my 210 rear arches and elec mirror issue

    Hello all, you may have seen my other post about new car (new to me) it needs some money spending on it one of my main gripes with the car is a faulty electric wing mirror the passenger wing mirror will not adjust electronically, interesting it will fold in electronically so it must...
  8. H

    Chrome wheel arches- how to remove?

    I have seen a very nice w123 but it has had chrome wheel arches fitted for over 20 years, car has been garaged so no fading on paintwork. Question , how are these horrible things fitted and how do you remove them?
  9. W

    Cost of having wings & arches x4

    On a S280 if I was looking at replacing the front wings and rear arches and a repaint on the areas what do reckon costing wise for something like this cost through a bodyshop 1k? Hate to see w140s die
  10. J

    Rusty wheel arches ml

    Hi any recommendations for reasonably priced body shop or repairer to sort out my rear wheel arches, in newcastle area please, they're starting to bubble up and won't get better by themselves! Thanks in advance Jon
  11. S

    Rolled arches recommendations

    Hi, I want to get my front arches on my SL55 rolled so that I can fit on my 15mm spacers. Does anyone have any recommendations of a 'professional roller' in the London or surrounding areas? Thanks.
  12. gadget1960

    Stainless / chrome arches

    How many of you think the stainless / chrome arches are a worthy addition to an E210 ? I'm estimating 85-96% of you rate them highly! :rolleyes:
  13. M

    Chrome arches where to get

    I know the general feeling on them but I am looking for good quality ones that clip on and not screw on. They are going to be used to cover up some rust but it will all be treated and sealed fully but I won't have the funds to paint so chrome is my way forward.
  14. merc85

    Arches on the s211

    Cant do much at the moment until the rear caliper gets sorted, so decided to give the front arches a good clean yesturday.;)
  15. R

    R129 AMG Under Arch Shields

    Hi, I'm after the AMG version of the under arch shields for my SL. Does anyone have them knocking about or can offer part numbers? Thanks in advance!
  16. O

    Vito 109 rear arches

    Hi all ! I have a 109 cdi vito I'm looking to tidy her up and she's suffering from the dreaded rear wheel arch rot! Can anyone recommend or know of a company that does replacement arch panels? Many thanks Wayne
  17. Spartan535

    Chrome wheel arches on a W208 - Opinions and Options

    Hi Gang, Well after wanting a 190 for years, I took the plunge and bought a barn find 2002 3.2 Avantgarde W208 in red for a really silly price!! Mechanically and body could best be described as poor - 3 years in a barn hasn't helped the MB rust reputation! However, mechanically it's now sorted...
  18. cj440

    W211 Estate rear arches top tip

    Anyone with an estate & probably the saloons too, do yourselves a favour & jack them up, remove the rear wheels & wheel arch liners. The mud & crap build up behind them is unbelievable! I just did mine this morning, around a kilo of mud was removed. Its now all washed down, dried off & waxoyled...
  19. pimpdriver

    W210, 2002, rusty arches. Would you buy?

    Hi Nearly venturing into buying a Merc E320 Cdi. 2002 model. Here are the rust photos. Would you buy it?
  20. A

    W124 flared arches

    Hi Guys I put on some AMG AERO 1's onto my W124 estate today, I was expecting them to stick out past the arches but it was to a point where I couldn't even turn the steering wheel without it rubbing on the arches! :( what's the resolution for this guys? Thanks, Ash
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