1. S

    Independent Mercedes mechanic / garage DG6 area

    Hi, Independent Mercedes mechanic / garage DG6 area, Kirkcudbright / Dumfries please, just moved to area.
  2. damiandavis

    Recommended Detailers in or around the Poole Area

    Hi, looking for recommendations on good quality detailers in the Poole, Dorset area.:thumb: Thanks Damian
  3. M

    Detailers in SE London - Greenwich area

    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend any top detailers in SE London? Preferably near Greenwich? Thanks, Mat
  4. PenelopePitstop

    New car paint protection in Milton Keynes area.

    My friend is collecting new car and asked me to find him recommended detailer who could do ceramic paint protection. I searched the forum and couldn't see anything in that area. Maybe someone in NW London as we have office there and he could drop the car off while going to work. Do you know...
  5. E

    CD repairs in london area

    Hi does anyone know any place where i can get my Audio 20 repaired, my car is a 2012 w204 c class coupe, seems like a fault with the cd changer i am unable insert CD's and displays drive unavailable Any help would be mich appreciated
  6. 0

    Replace soft top Windows- Nottingham area

    Suggestions very welcome.Or ideas for improving vision through clouded Perspex
  7. Railwayman

    Any recomendations for an auto gearbox repair shop in the Southend on sea area.

    Hello My son has a Kia Picanto and about 2 years ago the transmission started to slip and then failed. I managed to get it going again by draining and replacing the fluid, this has worked well until now.. Now it has thrown a check engine light with a P0741 fault code (Torque converter...
  8. V

    Camber/caster out and where to fix it in Dublin area

    Hi guys 1st post here, hello. I´m experiencing the well known exaggerated pulling left in a used 2003 CLK I bought 3 months ago and I don´t know where to find help. Im in Dublin area. wheel aligment is out of range for caster camber currently in front left wheel. I visited several...
  9. 3ayg

    Looking For STAR in Rotherham / Sheffield Area

    Hi All, I am in need of STAR in the Rotherham or Sheffield area. Can anyone recommend an indie? Cheers in advance!
  10. D

    Recommended Mercedes dealers for servicing from this list (Beds/Herts/London area)

    Hi All I have a service due and due to a couple of reasons need to use a dealer, unfortunately Indy is not an option, was hoping to get some member recommendations out of the following list: MB of Stevenage Sytner Milton Keynes Sytner Bedford MB Watford MB of Aylesbury MB of Hertford MB of...
  11. S

    Merc independent garage Kirkcudbright area

    Merc independent garage Kirkcudbright area anyone know a godd plce within 30 miles of Kirkcudbright for serviceing etc?
  12. D

    Wheel repair in WR11 area??

    As per title really - anyone recommend a good wheel repair place in the WR11 area? Scuffed a diamond cut rim and trying to decide whether to let the insurance have it or get it done locally and claim back. Having seen the pictures, they don't consider it a candidate for in-situ repair. Makes...
  13. M

    Any decent MB restorers in the Herts area?

    Before they fall off altogether I figure it's worth getting the front spring hangers on my W210 rewelded. I could do the job myself but it's a safety-critical area, and besides if I get them slightly wonky it'll affect the wheel camber / alignment and therefore the handling. I don't want to...
  14. ioweddie

    Do you like the area where you live?

    Here is some timeline footage of the Isle of Wight. I'm so glad I moved here 20 years ago: Incredible time-lapse film shows Isle of Wight's beauty
  15. fuzed

    Respray - Bedfordshire Area

    Anyone know of a GOOD bodyshop in bedfordshire? The stone chips on the bonnet are annoying the hell out of me, I've tried to fill the larger one, but made it look even worse... lol I spoke to MB Bedford and they said around £500 to do the bonnet and blend into the side panels. Just...
  16. G

    Indy needed in Peterborough area

    Indy needed in Peterborough/Kettering area. Does anyone know a good one?
  17. M

    Hull/ barrow upon Humber area ?

    I need some work doing to my 240d engine after deciding to keep it! Is there anybody about this way ?
  18. PaulPJ

    Indie in New Forest Area

    Hi Chaps, I am sure I read a thread a while back which named an Independent in the Totton area but I cannot for the life of me find the thread. Could someone please enlighten me. Thanks Paul
  19. L

    Wedding car in Sheffield area

    Hi Everyone, My daughter is getting married and I was wondering if there is any one in the Sheffield area with a classic who may consider a Wedding car job, I would rather give my money to an enthusiast? Many thanks, Les
  20. S

    E Class S213 Estate Rear load area mats

    I should allegedly be receiving my new E Class estate within the next fortnight (See my ongoing thread about the trials and tribulations of this). I am looking for rear load mats to protect the boot and rear seats (When Down). Does anyone on the forum have any recommendations for suppliers and...
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