1. J

    Emergency Refuge Areas on "Smart Motorways".

    Surprised to read about how to use these Emergency Refuge Areas on the latest Smart Motorways. Seems to be a total lack of information on this subject. It's unbelievable that to leave one of these areas, the procedure is to contact Highways England.?? ...Am I the only one who doesn't know about...
  2. T

    Indy recommendations in Beds/Herts/Surrounding areas

    Hi All Was hoping to get some recommendations for a good Indy Beds/Herts and Surrounding areas for my W212, already aware of Wayne Gates but just wanted to see what other options there are :) Thanks
  3. gr1nch

    Nice and affordable areas to live in Lincolnshire or nearby?

    Hello ladies and gents, It would be very helpful to get your views on nice areas to live, that are also affordable. The wife and I are looking to move back to the UK this summer and settle down. We really liked Lincolnshire the few times we visited - the people and the hillier bits. We're also...
  4. fuzed

    Servicing - C350CDI - 2012 - Milton Keynes and Surrounding areas.

    Some of you might have seen my post about picking up a car where I thought the mileage had been messed around with, after doing some hard background checks I was satisfied that there was no issue. So I picked up the car, and have been pootling around in it for the past few days, and I love...
  5. C

    Events / Cruises / GTG in South East areas?

    Hi new to this forum stuff however really keen on MB meets, G2G's and cruises however after looking through the forum can see a lot of events far away. Im based in South East London so wanted to see if someone could point me in the right direction for this, one which i havent missed yet...
  6. HollowPoint

    Re-mapping in South Yorkshire/Surrounding areas

    So I'm not actually thinking about getting this done for a year, as I think it'll void my warranty if I do, but I'm curious to know what sort of benefits there might be to doing it and what the costs involved are. So, with that in mind, does anyone have any recommendations for tuners in South...
  7. T

    Bodywork / Rust repair near Manchester or Birmingham areas

    As seems to be quite common with Mercs, my 2003 C230k is rusting at every arch at the min. It's a real shame as it's a lovely car otherwise and generally drives really well, so of it's not too expensive, I'd like to try and sort it out a bit. I'd probably look at having replacement front wings...
  8. ringway

    Areas with the worst kept cars revealed.

    Source. Aol News. New figures from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have revealed that Caerphilly is officially the worst county in Great Britain for cars being in an unsafe condition for the road. The research carried out by the DVLA discovered that 14 out of every 10,000...
  9. R

    Reliable Indy for Selby /York Areas

    Any recommendations recently please.
  10. A

    Star diagnostics - Brighton or surrounding areas?

    I need to stick my car on a Start diagnostic machine but i'm being quoted £110 minimum by Mercedes. Does anyone know of an independent that has the kit? Anywhere near the M23 will do, or down as far as Eastbourne to the East or Worthing to the West. Had a look on Google but it's needle and...
  11. E

    Out Of Areas Delivery – New Lower Charges | New Courier Options for 2013!

    Due to feedback, from customers, as of today we are able to reduce the delivery charge to 'out of area' postcodes, as per below: Isle Of Man | £6.50 | 72 hours Northern Ireland | £6.50 | 72 hours Republic of Ireland | £9.50 | 2 - 4 working days Channel Islands | £6.50 | 72 hours...
  12. Murff

    Cleaning Chrome areas

    Can anyone recommend a product or method of best clenaing the chrome areas such as grille etc? Thanks guys
  13. G

    Good indy in either Wandsworth/Wimbledon or Guildford areas?

    Hi, Newbie here but have been on a few times to check out some other info and older posts! Thanks for all the help so far! I was hoping to get some advice. I have a w204 2008 C220 CDI auto which I bought last year, and its saying a service B is due in 20 days! Oil, and the oil and Fuel...
  14. corned

    A couple of small areas of flaking top coat

    I have a couple of small areas on the front where the top (nano?) coat is flaking off the colour coat. I guess stone impacts have started the process, but has been/will continue to be exacerbated no doubt by washing, particularly by pressure. The colour coat is intact, but the flaky areas look...
  15. tali

    Car vandalism targets and areas
  16. culpano

    Good areas in London for pubs and restaurants

    Hey up everyone, We go down to London quite often for long weekends and try to go to different areas each time. We make good use of the London Underground Day Travel card. We are now starting to go back to the same areas we know and are wondering what other good areas there are that have a...
  17. marcos

    Registration areas

    Sorry about this but I need to know if anyone knows how to tell from the new style number plates, where the vehicle was first registered. Thanks Guys
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