1. P

    Replacing an SLK320 (AMG body) front grill... Argh!

    Hi all, Hope someone has some advice. My SLK320 is now 10 years old and the front grill was chipped and very sorry looking. I have a brand new one from MB spares and the sunny weather today got me into gear. It looks a simple enough job - open bonnet, remove 8 screws and then slide the...
  2. mikeyb1049

    Creaky steering wheel argh!!

    Hi all Does anyone know how to remove this please? My steering wheel squeaks, creaks and groans like crazy at anything other than the straight ahead position and so I want to investigate - I'm assuming I need to remove the shroud to do this.... All help gratefully received!
  3. MercFanUk

    Argh! Virus/botnet?

    Hi all, having some issues on the PC... network traffic is through the roof, causing massive headaches. Tried all manner of scanners etc, to no avail (Including the RUBotted tool). Hijack this shows nothing untoward either. Spybot S&D find nothing but a couple of cookies. Tried Ad Aware...
  4. ShinyF1

    Logical Drives/Partitions - argh

    I am trying to sort out my parents' computer which has become virtually unusable due to a too small [and full] primary partition. It is an Acer laptop with a 40GB harddrive running Windows XP Home which has three partitions - primary 'SYSTEM' 17GB, secondary 17GB and 'PQSERVICE' 3GB. I have...
  5. I

    ARGH ! w203 wiper in my hand !

    Evening all, Hope someone can help me. I just went to the car to see how easy it is to change the wipers and the clip you slide has come off in my hand! I think it is supposed to just slide back and forth right and now I can not get it on properly! Help. Also is it best to go to MB for...
  6. R

    Argh - metal tax disc holder stuck! Any ideas?

    This may seem like a stupid issue/question...but i need to vent and hopefully there i siome miracle cure So this morning, before going to work, I had to get my Tax disc, of which I just laid my new tax disc on top of as I couldn't be bothered to open up tax disc holder. The previous owner...
  7. A

    Argh... fog lights!=rain/spray lights.

    When will people learn what fog lights actually are for? One more idiot passes me @ 90 in this rain on the M4 with their fog lights on and I'll call an airstrike on them.
  8. Marque

    Argh! Parking ticket on a Sunday!

    Just had a parking ticket for parking properly on a single yellow line on a Sunday at 16.39 in Golders Green (London Borough of Barnet). WTF??? :mad: Only £100, or half if paid within 14 days. :rolleyes: I was just dropping my son off at the bus station. (I carried his bag for him.) I was gone...
  9. F

    Lost Satellite Reception - ARGH!

    I've had a Garmin Streetpilot 2610 for a few years - its pretty good and I use it all the time. However, if I'm driving around a city center, it quite often loses reception. This happened to me most recently in central london and I'm wondering whats the best solution! Its extremely annoying...
  10. Iyse


    Can someone PLEASE give me a number of someone to call to order the SLK Evolution pedals for a manual? I can't find anywhere and my nearest Benz dealer doesn't do them!! Just where can I find them??? :(
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