1. clk320x

    Nail varnish remover Arghh

    Used acetone to get some permanent marker stain off window.. don't ask lol Where it touched the trim it caused it to lose shine Help! How can I get it back to how it was? I was gonna apply car wax but I'm not sure
  2. HB

    First ever speeding ticket arghh!!!

    Today after driving for 21 years, I got my first dam speeding ticket. Coming off the slip road into Glasgow airport, I got caught doing 35 in a 20 zone. I'm so annoyed as the road was totally clear in front and the two coppers were hanging behind the fence on the left with the 5 series hidden...
  3. gklau


    I've been back from holidays for one day and guess what happens! An idiot (one of my friend's friends) reverses back my car scratching my front bumper, front fender, front passager door, rear passanger door and my wing mirror! F***!!!:mad: :mad: Sorry, I just had to vent my anger...
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