1. R


    i'm trying to find a new or working used electric arial for my 1984 280ce coupe. it is mounted on n/s rear wing... i'm new to classic mercedes so be gentle
  2. sanj517

    Auto Arial

    Hi, my car arial on my 420 se when engaged comes out straight, when I tried to purchase a replacement I was told it comes out at angle.. Is this correct?? Rgds
  3. D

    Blackberry 8310 Cradle - wheres the arial connection?

    Hi All Probably being a bit dumb here but here goes... Just got a Blackberry 8310 so ordered the specific cradle for the 8300, 8310 and 8320. Was delievered yesterday and will slot it in over the weekend. Just a bit confused about the Arial connection. There does not seem to be a...
  4. MercedesBent

    Arial keeps blowing a fuse.

    Hi All....urgent help needed please. C180 1994 Elegance Had a new stereo fitted a month ago (nothing special, just a basic CD Radio) All been fine, except the electric arial was a bit sticky on retracting (noticed it first day of buying carr 4 weeks ago) Gave it a clean with a cloth...
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