1. Gaz74

    W203 lower front arm query

    Hi all, I'm in need of a pair of front lower suspension arms for my C32 and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if the arms are the same on all variants of the 203 chassis and my AMG doesn't have uprated arms or something silly? Thanks very much.
  2. S

    Rear lower control arm advice needed please. W211

    In the middle of replacing the n/s/r lower control arm on my 2006 e class cdi 220. Can someone tell me if the inner M12 bolt (12mm tripple square) is threaded through the mount? It wont budge. Thank you in advance
  3. R

    Suspension arm replacement

    I'm looking at buying a 2012 C350, and it has recently had a suspension arm replaced - is this common?
  4. S

    W124 Headlamp wiper arm

    Need a drivers side headlamp wiper arm please ?
  5. Tim203

    W203 lower front arm

    Sorry about wrong place but can't start threads in technical for some reason. My question is are the lower arms for sport pack suspension different to standard ? I put a new arm ( non genuine but expensive pattern) on this evening and the steering wheel is so far off centre looking left the ESP...
  6. M

    W202 upper front track arm problem

    Almost due for the MOT again and another problem shows up! Has anyone replaced an upper front left control arm on a w202 c class? There's a US guide online which makes it look simple, as does the Haynes manual, but both show an accessible pivot bolt nut. The bolt head is accessible but the...
  7. merc85

    Big Help Required :( 211 Airmatic Control arm

    Ok Peeps, Car is my 2002 w211 e55k What i thought would be a 45min job has turned into abit of a nightmare.:doh: The Upper ball joint on the front nearside of my e55k has completley worn out and its all apart of the arm not separate like the later ones. I read up previously on the job...
  8. W

    W164 centre console/ arm rest

    Hi anybody know where I can get the pin that holds the lid in place its about 6 inch lon
  9. X

    R172 dash cam wiring (with power from arm rest / storage compartment)

    Hi all! I've just ordered a Mobius 1 (the wide-angle C2 model) action cam to record my trip up to Scotland to do the NC500 route in my SLK350 over five days next week. I don't plan to use the camera as a traditional "dash cam" - I want to capture the scenery and, from watching various videos...
  10. S

    R129 SL500 ball joint lower control arm

    Hi all, My car is a 1994 R129 SL500 A recent MOT threw up OSF ball joint play. My Indie quoted to replace - roughly £35 for the ball joint plus fitting. He then called back to say that the ball joint was actually cast into the lower control arm and that the whole arm would need replacing...
  11. steve333

    Arm rest/storage box won't open

    The arm rest/storage box on my wife's 2009 slk won't open,tried everything I can think of but it won't budge-can anyone help please?
  12. S

    W204 arm

    Hi all Just wondering if someone can point me to the right part - I've been told that my rear front arm needs replacing (that's rear of the front) due to a knocking when diving and too much play in the front wheels. Can someone show me which one it is? And what the Mercedes part number is...
  13. AGod

    Missing an arm?

    My car feels like it is only firing on a couple of cylinders (as there's hardly any power even when the pedal is fully down, resulting in very slow acceleration, but then it does gradually pick up speed) so to start off I’m, planning on removing the dizzy caps to give them a clean, or replace if...
  14. F

    W124 saloon rear lower control arm / spring carrier

    After a right and left rear lower control arm from a saloon W124. Either located near Bridgwater, Somerset or willing to post. Thanks
  15. pmcgsmurf

    W211 Front Top/Bottom Ball Joint, Control Arm, Track Rod Replacement for MOT

    Hi folks Checked the W211 out at the weekend as it's due an MOT next month. Few things wrong at the front, upper/lower ball joints, track control arm, and track rod ends (mixture of wobbly joints & burst gators). Went ahead today and replaced the offending parts, upper ball joints, control...
  16. K

    Camber arm worn out at 31k miles?

    I drive a 2012 C180 AMG Sport. I got told by Mercedes that my right lower "camber arm" is worn out and needs replacing. The whole suspension needs to be recalibrated. Is it expected to have to replace part of a suspension this early in the car's life? I never had to replace these on any of...
  17. K

    Thrust Arm Bushes

    Had a winter safety check at Mercedes Giffnock today. All seemed fine apart from the Thrust Arm Bushes which they tell me have split on both arms. They have given me a quote of £96.24 to carry out the work. Is this a reasonable price ?. Would it be possible to DIY the job myself or better to...
  18. adile220

    w124 centre arm rest

    Hi all Are the centre armrests on the w124 sided? Or are they all mounted on the front left seat? Advice appreciated. Best Adil
  19. D

    W204 MOT Fail - Susp Arm ball joint O/S front lower (rear) ?

    Hello all My 2008 C200 CDI failed the MOT today on : Suspension arm has excessive play in a ball joint offside front lower (rear) [2.4.G.2] Could someone kindly point out which one that is, and whether it is just a bush to be replace or the whole arm ? I can DIY these things, but...
  20. Sheffield Col

    thing in the arm rest ????

    Hi There is, what i've been told a cradle in the arm rest for connecting a mobile phone. I dont need it, so can I turn it into a usb ?
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