1. Harrythedog

    Do the UK Armed forces use MB

    Out of interest does the UK use MB military vehicles Welcome to Mercedes-Benz Military Vehicles in the armed forces
  2. nick mercedes

    why an armed population is a bad idea

    Colorado theater shooting: a deadly attack delivered with brutal precision | World news | The Guardian "used three guns to shoot 71 people in two minutes" (!!?)
  3. Shala

    Light doesnt flash when cars armed & Rear courtesy light remains on

    I just put plastice bag behind the window regulator so water doesnt go int it anymore & reset the battery so all windows are working again. But when i press the remote on my car to lock/arm my car the light used to flash 3 times. I also noticed: * the rear courtesy light remains on all the time...
  4. SilverSaloon

    where to tap into 'alarm armed' wire

    hi i have a 1999 CLK. I need to sense when the alarm is ARMED (or unarmed). Anyone know the best/easiest wire to tap into, nearest the radio as possible. its so i can detect whether to switch something off ONLY when the alarm is armed.... thanks in advance! derek
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