1. RickyKennedy01

    W203 Coupe - Armrest

    Hey, so I have the 3 way opening centre armrest with the phone cradle inside. The top leather piece of the armrest is broken, so I've just ordered a complete replacement. (£30 on eBay, with phone cradle too) Just looking for an easy way to replace this without taking the whole centre console...
  2. benlucas

    Relocating aux-in to armrest

    My E55 has Comand APS and therefore an aux-in socket in the glovebox. Great, but a bit fiddly when trying to change music whilst driving as to do so I need to let go of the wheel and climb into the passenger seat whilst deciding what track to listen to next (hope my insurers aren't reading...
  3. G

    W169 Armrest - slight play - remedies?

    The W169 armrest is not a pinnacle of Mercedes engineering, I am sorry to say: It has almost zero functionality, particularly for a RHD car (as Mercedes didn't bother to reverse the layout); doesn't open, so no useable storage underneath; moves forward 2½" to reveal a tiny 1" x 3" cub, and...
  4. M

    GLC centre armrest storage accessory

    I ordered one from this ebay seller: It doesn't fit. Not sure what to do with it. Can I be bothered to return an item to China when I have to pay the cost of shipping? I have the Off Road Pack and I wonder if that makes a difference...
  5. G

    Vito 447 Armrest?!

    Hi all, Just waiting to take delivery of a new Vito Sport and I have ordered swivel seats. Just wondered if anyone has fitted a second armrest to the Vito Front Seats? Thanks Gregs
  6. P

    w169 armrest center console removal

    Hi, I want to remove the armrest from an A180 at the breakers yard, I got as far as removing the panel at the back which houses a 12v socket and unscrewing the two torx screws as well as the two front ones. However, whilst the armrest console is quite loose it's still a bugger to get off...
  7. A

    W168 Armrest

    I need a front centre armrest for my A160. Needs to be slate grey and vgc/mint. A leather or vinyl lid would be nice but cloth is ok too. Thanks
  8. P

    R230 light grey centre armrest

    The catch on mine doesn't work. So need a replacement. Needs to be light grey to match the rest of the interior. Cheers
  9. gbjeppm

    Mercedes 126 SEC Seat, Seat Motors and Armrest

    Mercedes 126 SEC Seat, Motors and Armrest for sale on Ebay, not looking for big money, just need the room Mercedes SEC 126 Passenger Seat Electric in Grey (Including Seat Motors) | eBay Mercedes w126 SEC Centre Arm Rest, 420, 500, 560 SEC Armrest | eBay PM me, if you are interested.
  10. D

    Center armrest sliding door

    Hi, does anybody know the part number or what to search to get hold of a replacement of the below part? Mine is dirty and I can't seem to clean it up. Almost as if it's lost it's finish.
  11. M

    R230 Armrest Locking Issue

    Does anyone have any ideas on why my armrest on my 2004 SL55 wont lock? As far as I can see neither of the catches on the lid or the base are damaged however the catch on the base is all the way over to the left (passenger side) and so when I put the upper tray down it is not in the right place...
  12. S

    W203 c class front armrest

    Hi has anyone got a front armrest in black leather It's the one with the shallow box underneath that holds the mobile phone
  13. mat8n

    viseeo armrest problem

    I've just bought a cheap viseeo 1000 for my r230 sl. now it works fine unless i 'click' the armrest down and then it disconnects from my phone? if i push hard down or wobble the viseeo it doesn't disconnect, on when you shut the lid. all i've been doing is putting a small thin bit of card...
  14. M

    Need CLK 08 reg leather armrest

    Hey, Is anyone selling leathe rarmrest for CLK 08 reg. I only need bottom part as it's broken. [email protected] Tom
  15. M

    CLK 08 reg armrest

    Hey, My center armrest of CLK 08 reg is broken, need to change it. Managed to do half job but not sure how to disassemble it completely. Would be much appreciated if someone would post/send to email the instructions. [email protected] Regards Tom
  16. C

    W209 glovebox and armrest storage lights

    Evening all, Yet another question about my 'new' '04 CLK. As the mornings and evenings get darker I've noticed that there is a light inside the centre armrest. However, all it emits is a sort of dim amber glow once the ignition is on. Is this right? Also the glovebox light doesn't seem to be...
  17. morgyface

    W203 C180 Door armrest replacement.

    Hello everyone. I bought a used c180 estate on Saturday and like it very much though as I am cursed with a touch of OCD I have already drafted up a snag list of things that aren't quite right. The first one is this: Now I realise that I will be told off for not searching the forum as...
  18. L

    Connector in centre armrest - what is it?

    At the risk of sounding stupid here, but I'm a newbie so please be gentle. Can someone explain what this connector is for that I just noticed underneath a plastic cover in the centre console/armrest in my W204. I'm guessing it's to do with the phone?? Under this cover in the armrest/storage...
  19. L

    Sl 55 armrest real leather or not?

    Hi, so do you know if the door side armrest is real leather or not on the r230? thanks
  20. L

    URGANT - possible to replace R230 SL side door pocket armrest? job in progress...

    Hi all, so this morning I just started the job to replace a stained side armrest on my SL 55 with a new one supplied by merc, door came off fine, but I'm stumped at to how to actually acsess the long pin that holds the armrest onto the pocket, i must admit I'm in a bit of a rush now so any help...
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