1. Scooby_Doo

    New arrival.

    After 10 weeks without a car I finally picked the new one up this morning. I was a bit worried that I'd picked the wrong colour but it's growing on me, very happy with the Black Ash trim instead of the Dark Aluminium. One big difference I've noticed is that the ride quality is much smoother...
  2. Rashman

    The Queen's arrival at common wealth games..

    Man, was that Bentley on hydraulics or do you reckon they were sampling abit of hippie hop as they rolled in?! That Bentley was literally rockin' ! :rock: lol
  3. R

    Imminent C63 arrival...

    Hi, I've just signed up here as I am hours away from confirming the purchase of a C63 which I should be able to collect later this week. If things go anything anything like my last few cars, I'll no doubt become a regular here over the next couple of years so I look forward to getting to...
  4. Ian B Walker

    New Arrival

    At 3:22 this afternoon, weighing in at 7lbs 2oz the latest Mercedes Club member Harry Christopher Walker. Daughter in Law, baby and son doing well. Truly pleased for them as they had been told that this was an impossibility. Life can get no better.
  5. Shude

    new arrival

    I am very pleased to introduce you to Araminta, born this morning at 05:54 weighing 4 pounds 7 ounces. Although she's six weeks premature she's doing well as is Julia :D Couldn't be happier right now :D
  6. Liwi

    E63 AMG arrival

    As it was was not possible to enter a new 'album' due to access rights vBulletin Message Liwi, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit...
  7. Liwi

    tomorrow's arrival

    Hi all, only registered tonight and looking forward to pick up my first Merc tomorrow. Just got myself an E63 AMG -59 Looking forward sharing thoughts and knowledge with you all :bannana:
  8. EDZ649

    New arrival......

    So I needed to scratch the V8 itch again, but can any of you guess what it is? :D

    New Arrival....

    Hi Guys, Not been on for a longtime but have today gone and bought a 2000MY CL500, I love it!!! drives and sounds great...the car has FSH and is a classy Granite colour which i think looks very smart...just couldn't take to the the S-class so have moved it on. Be warned these cars are Group 20...
  10. B

    Any firm dates on arrival of updated C63?

    Has anyone got any hard evidence of when the facelifted C63 will hit the UK next year?
  11. Gollom

    Announcing the arrival of a W208

    The wonderful Mr Walker helped me "steal" (his words) a rather splendid looking W208 CLK230 tonight. 1999 2000 with a private plate, brand new MOT and taxed till Feb 2011. Standard AvantGarde spec. Normal competition - how much you reckon I got it for? This forum is full of such helpful...
  12. 1

    New Arrival

    Hi Guys - just joined being the proud owner of a W201 recently acquired. My last was a new one in 1987! - (E134TWY) - often wonder if it's still around. It was a 2.6 manual with skirts! Current is a bog standard model in white - just enjoying it!:)
  13. Ade B

    New Arrival

    Baby B arrived yesterday at 4.20am after a thankfully short and fuss free labour. Mum and baby doing well and Junior B is well chuffed with his little brother. Ade :)
  14. st13phil

    Thought I'd share the New Arrival

    At 9am this morning, my lovely wife and I picked up her brand new 2009 SLK350. Here's a piccy taken in the rain ( :mad: ) at the dealer's just as she completed the handover: As you can probably see, fortunately the rain doesn't seem to have dampened her "fun day". For those interested...
  15. Gareth

    Our New Arrival

    Caitlyn Elizabeth Camp finally arrived @ 22:59 on Saturday night (07/02/09) 7lb 12oz, we are absolutely over the moon with her, both mother and baby are doing great. :D
  16. Alps

    My new years arrival

    Rushed the Mrs into hospital this evening at 19:50 out popped my new son :) great start to the new year!!
  17. L

    New Arrival

    Hi All Fiona and I are now the proud parents of Charlie, Oscar. Born Sunday morning 8.25 at 9lb 5 oz 22" long. mum and baby now home anf doing well. Husband on cloud nine!!!
  18. bigyank

    New arrival - wife not happy, but I am alive to tell the tale..

    Ok folks - for those of you who have been following my previous threads: the deed has been done and I am the proud/ecstatic/penniless/bruised/frightened owner of my very own...
  19. A

    New arrival (I'm now a Dad!)

    I'm pleased to announce we've just had our first child. She was born at 11.11am on 27/07/2007, 15 days after her due date! Weighing in at just under 9 lbs, mother and daughter are now doing well. She was born by c-section so it's going to take a bit longer for my wife to recover but we're...
  20. U

    New Arrival!!!

    just so happy with the newest member of my family!! my little baby girl 7.6 lb @ 9.22am on monday 5th june 2007 :):):):):):):):):):):):) 3 Girls now :) 7, 11, and 1day :)
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