1. poormansporsche

    Waiting for the flatbed to arrive .......

    Oooops, not the merc fortunately but my transit Luton. Engine mount disappeared, engine sitting on the (now bent) driveshaft, brake lines snapped, exhaust manifold fooked, bugger :( Happy days !!!!
  2. dokalj

    W166 ML63 AMG to Arrive in JULY

    Driven: Mercedes ML63 AMG
  3. SPX

    Just Waiting For My 2007 ML320 CDi Sport To Arrive..

    I've just bought myself a beautiful 2007 ML 320 CDi Sport from a bloke off the Autotrader and the best thing is it only cost £5k! He must be thick to sell it that cheap! All I had to do was transfer him it by western union and the car will get delivered to my door on Friday. How easy...
  4. O

    C32 Estate about to arrive

    Thought I would re-introduce myself as my first effort was very poor. Saw the C32 Estate today and had it checked over by Giles at Mercanic. Very helpful guy who gave the car a good looking over and hooked it up to Star for a very reasonable fee. Easy going and a keen sense of humour. My...
  5. The Boss

    My new car just might not arrive on Friday :(

    Due to the failure on the London to Peterborough route on the East Coast line, Friday collection from Lincoln is looking difficult. The dealership is opened till 2pm on Friday, and i had intended to arrive by midday, but the faults could cancel or significantly delay my route :( Live Train...
  6. The Boss

    Just Ordered a Brand Spanking New Car to arrive 1 week before VAT Rise - Yay!

    So after weeks of shopping around for the best deal - talking to 30+ dealers, i have finally got a super super SUPER Deal on a brand new car and deposit put down... If any one wants to have a guess as to what i bought, please do.. All will be revealed on arrival in December - which is already...
  7. keysl

    MB club badges - How long to arrive?

    Ordered my mbclubuk badge a week ago - just wondered how long they take to arrive. Could't seem to find the right person to pm hence the thread here.
  8. M

    When did adaptive transmission arrive?

    Can anyone tell me when adaptive transmission was introduced? I am wondering if the SL 280 & 320 of 1998/99 had it.
  9. D

    Summer to arrive in time for school holidays

    Enjoy this week before it gone. It will last only 3 days. :bannana: Motor show this week at ExCel. Lovely legs
  10. D

    Truckers arrive in London to demand cheaper fuel What are we doing here? we should help them too. Is Grav888 in the crowd?
  11. NW_Merc

    Arrive in the New Year in style
  12. Mudster

    New C Class Estate - When do they arrive in the UK

    As the title.. My Vito lease is up next year and I need a replacement vehicle, but I have so little use for a van I've decided to replace it with an Estate. I lease these and I don't want to spend over £450 a month + vat (business contract) which seems to come in around the £30,000 level on...
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