1. daveenty

    Got the 190, now the daily's arrived.

    Well, just picked my new daily driver up yesterday. It's a May 2017 E63s, an ex-demo with just under 3,000 miles on the clock and a host of extras which the dealership ordered for it, including Premium and Night Packages, lane tracking and the obligatory (to me) switchable performance exhaust...
  2. Steveml63

    New TTS arrived

    Hi, Just taken delivery of a new Audi TTS to replace our 4 year old Infiniti G37s coupe! It's the only one of its kind in the country - so difficult to hide! We still have the ML63 as our main family car. Cheers Steve
  3. daveenty

    My New Toy Arrived Home

    It's a 1989 190E 2.5-16 auto, in Almandine Red and with a genuine 87,000 miles on it (nearly). I've been after something older to play about with for quite some time now, though have struggled to find something that ticked the right boxes for me. I've looked at early British stuff, lots of...
  4. B

    Finally arrived at the dealer

    I'll leave this here....
  5. mattmeyler19

    Rado downpipes have arrived with MSL

    Got the nod from acid today to let me know that my RADO downpipes have arrived, booked in for Friday to have them installed. Can't wait! Anyone on here had this MOD on their E63 W212 5.5 Turbo?.... Thoughts & feedback? W212 E63 White 2014. M19YLR
  6. P

    Its arrived!

    And I love it. Drives really well, looks like new inside and out! So thats now 2 E Class estate diesels we have, how boring am i?:eek: [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  7. C

    Eurocharged handheld unit arrived today

    This arrived today. I have just installed the map Jerry sent me. Started the car and gave it a little blip and it felt like it does when you have just unblocked your Hoover but in reverse. I did t realise the map would come back as soon as It did otherwise I wouldn't of had a large glass of...
  8. T

    New GLC has arrived with Dealer

    Patience has never been a strong point so the dealer sent me some pics to keep me going until March 1st :bannana:

    New car nearly arrived, what wax to use?

    Hi I got a new C350e on order and I've got a arrival date of mid January. :thumb: What wax would anyone recommend? The colour is diamond white so I'm unsure what route to go, Dodo juice maybe?:confused: I'm not experienced so I'm unsure what to use, anyone got any ideas what i shall use...
  10. Palmball

    AMG GT has arrived

    Finally! After the 10 month wait my car has arrived. Deserves a new thread me thinks :p After all my concerns over colour and interior I ended up settling for the standard red. Honestly, I'm delighted with the result because the dealers Hyacinth Red GT demo was in the showroom yesterday and...
  11. D

    New s211 e55 arrived today

    Just home from a hideous crawl out of London with newly acquired s211. Its a London car so first job is to get rid of the London look. So trim shop to tidy the interior recolour bolsters etc, body shop for the few door dings and full wheel refurb. Everything works except the drivers mirror...
  12. pse1336982

    E63 S AMG arrived... VMax limiter removal?

    Trying a new car combo of E63 S AMG Estate and SLK 250 AMG Sport - wife's choice... :-). Replacing the E300 Hybrid and A45 AMG... Great to have big V8 rear-wheel drive back.... (had lots of 63s and M3/M5s in the past). He is the pic... Anyone do a VMAX limiter removal? Don't...
  13. C

    New S205 has arrived

    So picked up the new c200 sport with premium plus, airmatic and intelligent lights earlier this week. First impressions are it is a big improvement on my w203 though the technology takes a bit of getting used to and still need to get the manual out and go through it. Ride on airmatic was...
  14. Andrew W

    My 55k arrived today .

    It's here at last ;) I bought it without seeing it But really happy overall ,a bit of wear and tear But nothing I can't sort , yes it's very quick but do get some jerking on pickup sometimes I'm still working out the gear box and its habits I am loosing power after a blast so pump needed .
  15. A

    Poppies Arrived today!

    I was really surprised that our poppies from the London installation arrived today. It was interesting opening them as there was mud on them and the stems were muddy too. It must have been a logistical headache but very impressive!
  16. A

    Arrived today W205 220 AMG Line

    with Prem Plus Pack in Paladium Silver. I'm a very happy boy today :D Was expecting the car early Jan, but the nice lady in Corporate managed to get me one much sooner, hope the weather stays as it is over the weekend! Pics to follow soon!
  17. S

    18" Winter Alloys arrived today...

    I understand that I need at least 17" wheels to clear the calipers on my E220 estate, so I decided to order some winter alloys that matched exactly the size of my front wheels... These are 8.5x18 et48 and the tyres are 245/40 18's. So I found online that Rial do a set of 5 spoke alloys...
  18. S

    New Mercedes arrived at the weekend

    I joined a few months ago prior to ordering an e-class e220 auto estate. Car was a factory order as I added full leather and surround camera system, and was delivered at the weekend after ordering in June.... So nothing exciting, but actually the first Mercedes for me. I've had plenty as...
  19. T

    B180 has arrived

    After a relatively long waiting (look liked for ever but its always like that) the B Class to replace the current A160 (W169) has arrived. It was delivered at home on Thursday afternoon as per agreement with Mercedes Corporate and it came at the back of a big truck but not the typical one you...
  20. C

    Look what arrived yesterday :-)

    Yellow is the new silver ;) :D
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