1. gr1nch

    New to MBClub, first Merc arriving 2017

    Hi, As I've been lurking on here a few weeks now and picking up wisdom, experience and getting entertained , I'd realised tonight I'd not introduced myself yet. So here goes... The thing is I've never owned a Mercedes before, I don't have one now, but.....I put a hefty deposit down on a new...
  2. Cabb

    New Vito Sport 119 arriving on Friday

    As above after a long wait my new Van arrives on Friday I see a few others are getting new Vitos this week or soon don't see that many on the road just yet I'm sure that will change
  3. I

    Arriving next week...

    And I'm rather excited... Nov '10 E350 CDI BlueEFFicency [265] Avantgarde Memory Pack Front Seat Climate Control AirMatic Distronic Plus Rear View Camera Active Blind Spot Assist Active Lane Keeping Assist Night View Assist Driving Package Harmon Kardon Tyre Pressure Monitor...
  4. beej767

    Newbie just arriving

    Hi Everyone,glad to be here,My "Baby" is a 1996 S124 E220 96,000miles
  5. Marco66

    My C63 is arriving 5 weeks early

    :bannana:Hi all I was expecting it last week in nov ,but for some reason Mercedes Leeds have it in and are going to del it on Thursday,its like xmas ,two more sleeps and then its here,i really am excited,will post some pics up on thusday at some point. I cant fully understand why i was told...
  6. bennesspipers

    Is your post arriving ? At all ?

    :mad: Is your Royal Mail post arriving within a week ? I know they are on strike, but im missing items now that are well over a week past their delivery date. I imagine a mountain of mail that they are never getting to the bottom of, which is probably where my items are. Also, there seems to be...
  7. Chattonmill

    Arriving on my driveway next week....

    Will be the S211 E55 AMG:rock: Deal done, the car is simply stunning and being Ex Mercedes has every option known to Man(Or Mercedes). Going to put mine into the garage tommorrow to have the seven seat removed and fitted to it and for them to move over my AV kit(Headrest screens, Digi TV...
  8. A

    More upgrades arriving shortly - Bose + Audio APS 30 (4718)

    I have recently added am MC3010 CD changer to the existing Audio 10 head unit. That went really smoothly having sourced the relevant lead from the local MB emporium, and having followed some excellent advice posted on here. Now....................I am the proud owner of a brand new Audio 30...
  9. bloodmoon

    New steering wheel arriving tomorrow!

    I have ordered a wurzelholz + leather steering wheel for my 124 coupe, and have just been informed that it is going to arrive tomorrow :) Are these things easy to fit? Is there anything I need to keep in mind regarding wheel alignment, indicator stalk, etc? Thanks in advance, -- Antony
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