1. B

    E63 warning light of car with up arrow

    Hi guys I literally had my e63 a few days and all of a sudden a yellow warning light comes on saying malfunction It is a picture of the car with an up arrow inside the car diagram This will be booked in during the week but out of curiosity I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced...

    SL500 R129 Silver Arrow Rare Find....

    So rare in fact it was produced 6 years before the rest:doh::eek::D Mercedes Benz SL500 Silver Arrow Sterling Moss R129 Edition | eBay
  3. S

    SL500 Silver Arrow for sale

    A heads up that I'll be selling my SL500 Silver Arrow in August. I bought it last November having searched for a while and had intended to keep it. But then an SL60 came along... The previous owner owned the car 7 years from 35,000 miles to 116,000miles. It's now at 118,000. It has been...
  4. Z

    Little car symbol with arrow pointing up

    Hi all not had this S320 car long but it has put up this symbol and underneath the word inoperative,I suspect the symbol has to do with the air suspension ,weird the car has not dropped either end from what I can see,what is the best and least costly way to tackle this,I will need to put the...
  5. karozza

    Sl arrow indicator mirrors

    Has anyone had them fitted on an SL; maybe can show a picture or two?? Just seen them on EBAY & they look like a really sweet update/upgrade to the car!?
  6. e55nick

    Nice 05 Silver Arrow E55

    I am liking this particular one. Although in silver, it's low miles two owner. Does anyone on here know about this car? 2005 MERCEDES E55 AMG 4 DOOR Tip AUTO CUBANITE SILVER | eBay
  7. smoothcoupe

    mercedes w211 indicator arrow

    Hi . The left hand green indicator arrow in the instrument cluster has stopped flashing. I can hear the relay and the flashers themselfs seem to work, the rest of the cluster works fine. When the ignition is off and the hazard switch is pressed the speed of the flash seems to be fast and then as...
  8. W

    Number 100 Silver Arrow

    Sit down for the price ... 2002 MERCEDES SL500 W129 Silver Arrow No 100 of 100 the last one 34k 1 owner. | eBay
  9. mars1960

    wing mirrors arrow style covers.

    Can anyone please tell a total mechanical idiot if fitting these is possible or would i be better just paying a local garage, thanks in advance. They are for my sl55 amg that i finally found after looking at 5 lemons and pick up tomorrow link to covers i bought. R230 SL New Arrow Style Mirror...
  10. O

    arrow by the P on the dashboard ?

    a couple of questions which i cant find the answer for .... Car is a W212 220cdi with auto box. when driving slowly such as in traffic or pulling away the P indicator on the dashboard stays on for a short while and sometimes theres an a left pointing arrow that flashes on next to it...
  11. N

    2002 silver arrow

    Hi all My 70 year old father has been taking my '98. 320sl out when I'm abroad so it has a weekly run He presently for fun has an M3 but has enjoyed the R129 so much he went and tried a 2007 500sl however said he thought my r129 was much better no longer wants a sports car but a fun GT like...
  12. noogieman

    Parts number for rear disc R129 Silver arrow??

    When I do my front C32 brakeswap with drilled rotors on my C43 AMG , I then want to match my front drilled rotors with drilled rear rotors from MB R129 Silver Arrow Edition. Can someone help me finding correct partsnumber for drilled Silver Arrow rotors? Questions about Silver Arrow rear...
  13. K

    SL Silver Arrow Exhaust & Back Box

    Hi i have an SL500 Silver Arrow (R129) Exhaust with back box and steel exhaust tip in perfect condition for sale. Any takers, though pick up will be in the High Wycombe/Bucks Area? Regards Kash
  14. B

    Silver Arrow Wheels

    Mercedes SL Complete with the stainless rims....
  15. aka$h

    R129 SL500 Silver Arrow

    Its time for me to part with my Silver Arrow. SL500 Full AMG Styling Pack 2 Piece Silver Arrow Wheels Steel Hardtop 2-tone Nappa Leather Interior Heated Memory Seats Climate Control Xenon Lamps Chrome Wind Deflector Audio 30 + CD Changer Folding Mirrors Just fitted new softtop...
  16. U

    W164 Door mirror uprgade to arrow LED type

    Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade the door mirrors on a 2008 ML W164 to the latest covers with the arrows and LED lights? If so, what are the things that need to be doen and what do parts cost ?
  17. T

    intermittant flickering of red light with down arrow

    My 1996 s500 has a ping/tick every 3.5 seconds from the instrument cluster. On ocassion a red idiot light just below and to the right of the speedometer flickers on for an instatn to 2 seconds. The light has a down pointing arrow. There is a louder ping when it illuminates. The owner's manual...
  18. biturbo

    Project Sl60 Silver Arrow Update

    One thing to say. My word these r129 are built well. Carpets have been swapped not a spot of rust anywhere everything under carpet looks new. Here are some photos. It is starting to come together. Once i have the silver arrow chrome speedo and the new steering wheel (trouble with wheel cant...
  19. biturbo

    sl60 AMG Silver Arrow

    I am just about to start on a project for installing a silver arrow interior into a sl60 amg. Do you think this will look good:cool:. Also will the speedo work on the sl60 as its 1997 and the silver arrow is a 2002. i am gonner have this as a fun keeper car as the r129 is one of my favourite...
  20. biturbo

    Silver Arrow Interior Clean Up Job

    I just bought the complete interior to a silver arrow r129. what colour is the leather supposed to be, mine is really dirty but in 100% condition. on photos it looks white and black but this is like a pigeon grey. Also anyone recommend heavy duty cleaning products for leave as there is some...
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