1. tpwuk

    W208: Creaking - ARRRGGHHH!!!!!

    Before I burn my car and throw it in the dock, can I run something by the forum please?? See this picture.... The black metal panel bolted down, which protects the roof motor & hydrolics etc. This is the source of my creaking! When I completely loosen the bolts, the creaking stops. So...
  2. L

    Arrrgghhh th MB may have to go!!

    I am looking at changing jobs and I will find out next week if its a goer or not, great!!! but it comes with a company car (uugghh) so the MB may have to go :( :( So what is the current market price on an immaculate C240 with full MB history and 61k on the clock?? I will be negotiating hard...
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