1. ioweddie

    1:43 Paul's Model Art 1992 Mercedes 600 SEC C140 Coupe

    I'm selling this on ebay, plus lots more please cut and paste into ebay search: 302253078292 Lots more please view my other listings
  2. D

    Audio 20 Album art

    Old topic revisited. Ive got my music on usb sticks and find it great with artist, album, tracks. Seems far more organised than using my ipod in my other car. However although I have converted everything to mp3. and made sure artwork is 300 x 300 or less I still cant get it to display. I have...
  3. V

    Art my new ride

    Took me 6 weeks to find a location :bannana:
  4. ash59fifty-uk

    Tropical fish keepers, where art thou

    Post some pics of your aquascapes please, need some inspiration for a new tank Sons birthday at the beginning of June, as he likes to follow suit with me after getting an entire railway built for him at Xmas, he'd now like to dip his fingers in the art of tropical fish keeping I'm thinking a...
  5. grober

    Automotive art

    Nothing to add really- I just like watching this sh*t.:cool: [YOUTUBE HD]aJ0W-Cq7wHI[/YOUTUBE HD]
  6. Scott_F

    A Rare Piece Of Modern Art Just Coming Onto The Market.....

    OK - it's possibly a slightly compromised piece. But I still wouldn't be surprised to see it end up at Sotheby's........
  7. M

    Mercedes CLA art car - Official

    I think I could do a better job. From the article: Mercedes has teamed up with German rapper CRO to create a new art car based on the CLA Street Style. 5 pictures and full article .
  8. thebig1

    W204 Album Art

    Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me on their 2013 W204, is album art only work on CD or do they have it on other media??
  9. thebig1

    Album Art

    Hi Guys, I have a 2013 (September) C63 With Comand Online. I got a brand new CD for xmas but there is no Album art showing? Is this correct? And what is Gracente I hear a lot about?
  10. developer

    GCSE Results - A* in Art

    Along with thousands of others, my youngest son got his GCSE results today. I thought some might enjoy his art work, for which he got an A*. Each picture is 600mm x 400mm and created when he was 14 to 16. His portfolio was shown at the Birmingham City University 2014 Gifted And Talented...
  11. cinek

    Street art

    Love this sort of the thing (of course, when it is done responsibly) [YOUTUBE HD]Pv-Do30-P8A[/YOUTUBE HD]
  12. guydewdney

    any art historians on board?

    I have an old palette painting by a (an?) L. Lutz. Dated by the framer in 1948, it was my grandparents, and is of st tropz (with a sailing fishing boat in the harbour!). I have looked, but I cant find anything about him/her. I know its quite valuable, as it was valued at 25k for probate in...
  13. developer

    Clever Art

    I was sent these and thought some may enjoy them: These 28 Clever Drawings Will Make You Question Everything Wrong With The World
  14. ringway

    Sand Art by Simonova.

    Best viewed in full screen. 518XP8prwZo
  15. B

    Audio 20 - missing album art (only some are displayed)

    Hello, Got myself a brand new C180. I chose to drop the COMAND I had in my previous car (way too expensive for what it is). In my previous car, I used a 32GB USB stick to play MP3 music. I have added album art to all of my audio files, and the COMAND system had no problems to display the...
  16. C

    ART Carbon boot lip for R230 SL class

    ART Tech genuine carbon fibre boot lip spoiler for R230 SL. Bought new and imported by me last year. Dry fitted it to the car, but decided it's not for me as I just don't like the look in the flesh. Absolutely brand new. £125 plus postage or buyer can collect from North Manchester
  17. Charles Morgan

    Some enjoyable car art

    via Petrolicious
  18. markjay

    Art Deco?

    Not an architecture expert myself, but are these buldings in Pancras Road Art Deco? Anyone know anything about them? They are magnificent, and in my opinion it is a pity they are left to the care of the local Council who - presumably due to dwindling budgets - seems to accept their dilapidated...
  19. moonloops

    Art Deco fans ?

    I likes a bit of the old Art Deco, and being one for travelling around London village quite a bit I tend to overlook the obvious... ... so having to wait for 7 mins for the next tube I looked around a bit and noticed this view: Pukka 1930's and functional in the 2010's to a point I guess...
  20. markjay

    Junk Auto Parts Art

    Junk auto parts~art
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