1. B

    W124 ASD diff wanted!

    Preferably 3.07. What you got?
  2. D

    Continuing ASD Frustration! 300CE C124

    Having always had an empty ASD reservoir on my 124 300CE ever since I got the car I decided, in my wisdom, that as the last job in a very long renovation I would fill the reservoir and see what happens. Firstly and predictably there's a leak! It's from one of the rigid pipes that goes into...
  3. H

    w124 asd light coming on

    Have we got any knowledge of the w124 era ASD system on here? Got a bit of a problem with my car: for a while now the car's exclamation mark warning light comes on about 72mph (65ish on inclines/ declines). Only happens with a throttle input i.e. not when coasting or on cruise control...
  4. carat 3.6

    Wanted: w124 3.06 210mm asd diff

    As above, anyone breaking a late e320 with asd? I want to change the diff ratio in the turbo diesel, so could have a 3.65 asd diff to swap if need be. :)
  5. D

    300CE ASD Question

    My 300CE has ASD. However, the reservoir is empty...and always has been since I bought the car! I understand that this system is completely independent of the fluid inside the diff itself (which we've changed) and uses ZH-M fluid. Is it just a question of buying the fluid and pouring it...
  6. BlackC55

    ASD Control unit wanted 0085452432

    As Above. Does anyone have one?
  7. J

    W124 ASD light, diagnostic help please

    The ASD light (lower right hand side of dash) has been on for a few weeks now. It used to come on for an hour or so after a car wash and then turn itself off. The last time this happened, each time I pressed the brake pedal, another light would come on in the middle of the dash too. Now the...
  8. Haris

    ASD Relay Missing - Help with part number

    My ASD relay is missing on my 190E cosworth. Anyone able to get the correct part no I will need from the registration/VIN number? Will PM anyone who is able to help with details of the car Already tried my luck by ringing the Mercedes dealer :D "sorry we don't give out part numbers sir"...
  9. carat 3.6

    WANTED: w124 asd or 4matic drive shafts .

    Hi all, as above, anyone out there breaking a w124 with 4matic or asd? I'm looking for a pair of rear drive shafts to complete an asd diff swap. Ta in advance.:)
  10. J

    Abs and asd light on 88 3ooe driving me mad

    Hi everyone, Only just joined here as I have just got my W124 300E up and running after seven years in a garage. After all that work my ABS light and ASD light are always on. I can make the ASD light go out by turning the engine on and off a few times but it always comes back on. I bought...
  11. A

    W124 ASD strange problem

    300TE auto I have a little problem with it and was hoping for some advice. Yesterday morning the ASD light came on and stayed on and when I press the break pedal I get a rapid clicking noise from the dash area and the rev clock, oil pressure guage and fuel guage all drop to zero, also the...
  12. nick.ged

    560sec asd diff

    as the title, i am after a 560 sec asd diff... will travel to collect.
  13. chisbon

    w124 asd light

    Hi, Is there a way to reset the ASD light on my W124 300E 24 with a piece of wire - like on other models - and even read fault codes. Tx. Adrian
  14. G

    SL500 damaged ASD pipe

    Does anyone know whether you can change the "leak oil return line" on the front shock aborber (SL500 1997 with ASD). It's a small black plastic pipe that exits at the top of the strut and connects to a rigid pipe on the inner wing which in turns feeds back to the level control value unit. Mine...
  15. smoothcoupe

    W124 300ce-24v. ASD light

    Hi all. The ASD light (orange triangle) illumimates when ignition is on but the actual ASD light at the bottom next to the srs light does not come on when the ignition is turned on. When driving harsh take off even in the wet doesnt trigger the orange triangle. Apart from this it drives fine. I...
  16. D

    W124 TE280 ASD Problem

    I am new to the forum, so apologies in advance if I have missed something whilst trying to find an answer to this one: In the late autumn my ASD warning light came on (have owned the car a few months, and done quite a few thousand miles). It went out again, then recurred a couple of times...
  17. stwat

    1988 190e 2.3-16 ASD problem

    I recently found a nasty bodge on my 190E when i took the clocks out. The last owner had cut the wire from the ASD warning light and then wired the ASD buld directly to the ABS warning light so that it would come on and then go out with the ABS light. He obviously did this to hide the fact that...
  18. stwat

    Strange ASD Problem

    I have a strange problem with the ASD on my 190E 2.3-16 Both the ASD function and warning triangle lamps light up when ignition is turned on. And both go out again when the engine is started, just as they should The problem is, the warning triangle lamp never lights up/flashes when i lose...
  19. M

    Merc 2.5 16V Broken ASD System

    Hi All, Can anyone help? I bought a 2.5 16v 3 months ago. Only found out the ASD warning bulb had been removed by seller. ASD system is not working. Car not handling great especially in the wet. Is this an expensive fix? I would think so but can anyone advise, I would appreciate any help...
  20. B

    1992 190e 2.6 manual with ASD

    I'm about to start a property renovation and so need to sell my 190 and buy an estate for practical reasons. Advert is available here: Cheers Bri
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