1. MercedesDriver

    Ashes to Ashes?

    Have you ever seen any Japanese car with more than 200k miles? High millers I have seen are upto 130-150k top. What happens next? Do they disintegrate and transform to carbon and ferrite? The point is that I'm looking to buy Subaru Outback 3.0 RN for forthcoming winter runabouts and am bit...
  2. sspeed

    Satan's Ashes

    Some of you may not have heard of the title... Google it.. You will note this it is officially THE Hottest Curry in the world.. I had it last night.. Its not something you have for enjoyment it is something you have in order to proclaim you have had it.. I did eat it all and it is...
  3. stats007

    England winning the Ashes

    So after 16 years we've regained the Ashes - can anyone explain how when Australia haven't batted yet? :confused:
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