1. Chrishazle

    Mastertech Ashford Kent

    Anyone used this company for servicing their MB? MasterTech Automotive Garage and Diagnostic Center Ashford Website says they are German vehicle specialists including MB, specialists in common rail diesels, pretty close to me so thinking of using them for a B service on my C220 S204.
  2. I

    MoT Garage needed, Ashford, or M20 Corridor

    Hi All, Could anyone recommend an MoT Garage close to the Ashford end of he Channel Tunnel? I’ve three UK cars in Belgium and need to get new tickets on a 123 coupe and a 126 during December and January. I did another one in summer and managed to get to Lancashire without a number plate...
  3. Markjames

    Ashford Mercedes

    Couple of classics in Ashford Mercedes today
  4. Lipsylee

    gearbox dipstick for clk320 2003 I can borrow near Ashford Middlesex please ???

    Hello is there any fellow members on here that can lend me a gearbox dipstick level checker please . My mechanic is replacing gearbox this Monday and I forgot to buy one . I'm in Ashford Middlesex . Thanks lipsylee
  5. Lust4Life

    Mobile AirCon Service - Ashford, Kent?

    Chaps, The aircon is not blowing cold in my W203 and it looks liked it was regassed last year with UV 'leak' Dye included. Are there any mobile guys in Kent you can recommend or am I better of at an Indy garage with STAR so I can have any fault codes read? Cheers! Phil
  6. M

    C43 - spotted at Ashford MB today

    A very nice C43 parked up at Ashford MB today only a phone pic but that paintwork was superb!:thumb:
  7. steve333

    Lookers mb Ashford

    Hi,i am viewing/testing an ex demo e class saloon at mb Ashford on saturday & would appreciate any feedback from anyone thats used them in the past,thanks for any help.
  8. M

    A rather nice old Merc at Ashford Mercedes

    In for gearbox issues apparently nothing wrong with that interior :cool:
  9. Ted

    Pleasant drive up from Ashford on Saturday.

    In my new clk 320 Avantgarde convertable! 2001 facelift. What a lovely car to drive, and amazing fuel consumption. Cruise set to 80, with the occasional blast, and returned 33.5 mpg. Now, most people say what a wonderful car they have bought with beautiful coachwork, and interior. Well I...
  10. C

    m20 yesterday going to ashford

    im in c63 in middle lane doing legal limit :D,get overtaken at speed by a t reg burgundy vectra closely followed by a normal looking black 58 reg turbo type seat, few seconds later lights start flashing on seat making vectra pull over on hard shoulder im guessing the vectra was doing 90/100 +...
  11. Chrishazle

    Recommended ICE Fitter Near Ashford, Kent

    I've just aquired a MC3010 CD Changer for my 2001 S203 C270 fitted with Audio 10 Radio/Casette. Have not checked yet to see if there's any pre-wiring in/behind the glove box, but suspect that I will need to buy A2035403408 fibre optic and A2035400809 D2B cable - and presumably a power supply...
  12. S

    Boxer Motor Works - Ashford, Middx.

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has experience of using the above? I've PM'd a couple of club members who've mentioned them in the past but not had a response as yet. I need an 'A' service on my S320 and they've given a good quote and will do a courtesy car etc. Any other recommendations in Herts, NW...
  13. H

    Mercedes benz in Ashford

    Im moving down to Ashford July 29th. Has anyone any experience on the local dealers, good or bad any info would be much appreciated.
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