1. garycat

    W204/C204 rear ashtray 12v socket

    It looks as though some models of the 2014 W204/C204 are fitted with a rear ashtray with 12v socket. This would be useful for me to provide the kids with a USB charging point in the back. Is it possible to find and fit an aftermarket part? I've seen some on ebay but they are from the US and...
  2. G

    Ashtray Headaches

    Hi All, I'm having real problems removing the ashtray from my wife's SLK. I'm looking to remove it so I can empty it rather than removing permanently to fit another panel/facility. I've searched the forum and Google but all I can find is instructions to remove it by taking off dash panels...
  3. ScottyC63

    W204 Carbon Ashtray Lid

    Hi guys, Looking for a genuine carbon fibre ashtray lid for my w204 C class. Any info PM me. Cheers. Scott.
  4. M

    E63 - How do I remove front Ashtray

    Hi 2015 E63 I'm looking to install a Cheetah GPS Speed camera locator and want to hard wire it in using a feed from the cigar lighter ( 12v aux) power socket wiring in the centre console . How do I remove the trim to gain access to the wiring please? I've had numerous car interiors to bits...
  5. E

    W203 Ashtray Wiring (Missing Connector)

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with the following: I was trying to connect the ashtray connector when I discovered it's missing and in fact, there are some cut wires, so it appears it was cut off entirely. I'm not certain the cut cables belong to the missing connector, but it seems logical...
  6. W

    WANTED: A124 Cabriolet rear ashtray in black

    Hi, Anyone have one for sale? It fits between the two rear seats and the one I've got won't stay closed.... Seems to have a missing spring! Any help appreciated....
  7. T

    W176 centre console missing ashtray lid in 2013 models

    I have a 2013 manual A Class 200 CDI AMG sport and the centre console ashtray/charger compartment in the front of the console where it meets the dash has no lid fitted (the earlier manual models didn't I am told). In automatic and all later manual models the compartment has a lid - can this unit...
  8. kjb1

    w205 s205 Gloss Black trim Carbon fibre centre ashtray lid

    Hi all. I own a c220 AMG Line premium plus, which has the gloss black centre console. Now I don't know about anyone else but Im finding mine marks easily, and the main area in terms of surface is the ashtray lid. I have found on ebay a seller offering a complete centre console in Carbon...
  9. E

    W212 interior ashtray cover faded any solutions or spares?

    Hi does anyone know how to repair the faded wood on a w212 e350 estate 3.0v6 2010 year one section on the ashtray cover is faded and needs to be changed. Any suggestions on a new part or some place to send the part for repair would be greatly appreciated
  10. *egg

    Ashtray bulb

    Hi, I have a W204 & found the ashtray bulb is not working, can anyone help & let me know: 1 - what size bulb 2 - how to get to it & change it Many thanks
  11. m5anj

    W219: Annoying rattle coming from ashtray/storage

    Hi all, My car has developed an annoying rattle which seems to be emanating from the ashtray/storage compartment. Leaving the lid open solves the problem, or pushing the lid down slightly on the left side. Any ideas on how to go about trying to fix it, it's driving me mad :wallbash: The level...
  12. MB James

    w639 Viano - replacing ashtray

    Hi, Bought a replacement ashtray and cup holder but not sure how to remove the old one. I see one screw which I guess removes the surround. Do I need to take that out or can I just yank out the old ashtray?
  13. H

    Ashtray lid wont click shut 0 C200 Kompressor - 2006

    Hi Noticed to day the push shut mechanism on the ashtray in the centre console wont work and lid just pops back up instead of staying closed. Can't see anything that might have snapped off. Can't feel anything wrong sliding a finger in towards the back. Anyone know if there's likely fix for...
  14. C

    Removing the ashtray cover on the W205 2014 new c class

    Hi Everybody, My butter fingers just scratched the ashtray cover on my new Merc w205 2014 c class. I ordered a replacement from MB. However, no body in the local MB dealer knows how to remove the ashtray cover on these new cars. Does any body know how to remove the ashtray cover and...
  15. L

    SL 55 parts for sale ; new battery, carbon fibre OEM ashtray with small crack, etc..

    Hi, so as you know if been doing some work putting my 2006 SL 55 back to stock, I'm a bit of perfectionist so some peeps won't mind some of the things I guess so I thought id offer the parts I don't need for sale here; 1. OEM carbon fibre ashtray, with a small crack by button, most people...
  16. Maurauth

    [W204] Ashtray?

    Hi, I've recently bought a 2011 (pre-facelift) C250 Sport spec (don't know if that affects the interior) and found that where I assume the ash tray should be (under the silver sliding cover) there is just a rectangular rubber cover with a no smoking sign. As a filthy smoker I was wondering if...
  17. L

    SL 55 / 350 / 500 R230 - Aluminium trim ashtray

    For sale or swap for Carbon fibre ashtray cover? Laurens
  18. L

    SL 55 r230 Carbon fibre ashtray anyone?

    I was wondering if anyone new where i can get one? perhaps of a breaker? mercedes benz want £500 just for the little ashy tray cover, isn't even real carbon fibre either! haha
  19. L

    SL 55 r230 Carbon fibre ashtray anyone?

    I was wondering if anyone new where i can get one? perhaps of a breaker? mercedes benz want £500 just for the little ashy tray cover, isn't even real carbon fibre either! haha
  20. D

    W163 Ashtray Illumination.

    Good evening to all, 2003 ML270 (W163), the bulb has blown on the ashtray illumination. Have scoured various forums on this, but cannot find a definite answer on how to replace. There are several horror stories on removing the entire centre console in order to remove the complete ashtray...
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