1. N

    Apologies if this has been asked a LOT, but...

    I am looking at maybe getting an SLK 250 CDi, although not entirely sure. This would be a car my wife uses almost exclusively. She likes the styling and would be using it as a commuting tool. I fully appreciate and understand they are not the most practical of cars, but this doesn't really...
  2. C

    The wife asked me to clean the dishes.....

    so had an operation today, and the wife went to work after and left me to recover at home, asked her if there was anything I could do to help out, she said I could clean some dishes... So I set to work... not sure if this is what she meant but I was happy Rears: and the fronts...
  3. developer

    I'm Guessing The OP Is Wishing He'd Never Asked

    Some gems on here once it's gathered momentum :D. What would you tell Debbie at No 76? - PistonHeads
  4. artyman

    Do you get asked

    Do you get asked to perform wedding duties, just because you drive an MB. I played taxi driver for the bridesmaids at my niece's wedding recently. I was wondering if other people get requests because of what we drive. Took me four hours of polishing!!
  5. T

    Man asked wife to take points; foolishly divorces her!

    and gets charged. After nearly 9 years. Good outcome, albeit slow and very expensive indeed. What next, Energy Secretary? Porridge is good for you.
  6. AbbieCadabra

    getting quote from a garage, is it usual to be asked for VIN no.?

    i'm getting prices for brakes & pads & have been asked for my car VIN no. from one garage - is this usual? i've never been asked for it before. i'm probably being overly cautious, but thought i'd better ask! ;) thanks
  7. D

    asked for cruise control and got a speed limiter

    help please... i've just got a vito x-long with some optional extras. one of which is a speed limiter, i asked for cruise control.:doh: the speed limiter is no good as i have problem with holding my foot on the pedal... do any of you guys/girls know if this can be modified to work as a proper...
  8. chrispy

    I'm sorry i've asked this before but...

    I can't find the thread the answer was given to me in. I'd like to fit front and rear footwell lights (like on the E Class Mercs) to my W202. Could the kind member who told me what I needed before reply to my question once again please. Sorry for being such a pain in the **** to you all :(
  9. Donza

    Advice: Dealers asked me what i want to do to draw a line under the matter..

    The sitation is regarding the clocked car sold to me by MB Dealer. Which also conked out a day after it was delivered. So since spending 15.3k on a car, i have had to catch trains, buses, pay for unused fuel,engine oil. Chase to get the situation sorted, days off work. Not to mention i had no...
  10. R

    This has probably been asked before but....

    I don't want to make a mistake! I have a 2001 S class (320CDi) with command/sat nav. I used the sat nav yesterday and it was no where near as good as the cheap Tom Tom I sold when I got the car. It did not have all the street names in etc and was not postcode based. Amazingly...I could not...
  11. F

    Brabus Answer another question nobody asked

    Brabus Answer another question nobody asked ... :crazy:
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