1. cinek

    W204 vs W207 noise assessment

    Yesterday's discussion got me thinking, is there really a difference in internal noise between C Estate and E Coupe? Two subjects tested were: E 350 Cdi Sport Coupe (auto) and C 220 Cdi Estate Sport Plus (manual) The journey was covering exactly same route, starting at 30mph...
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Domestic Energy Assessment

    A couple of weeks ago I had a Domestic Energy Assessment done on my flat which is meant to be law now when selling a property. I have just recived the Invoice for payment and he has forwarded on the report to my estate agents. Am I within my rights to request a paper copy of his findings as im...
  3. kusanku

    self assessment - what can you claim?

    I suspect quite a few people on here do a self-assessment form for income tax each year. I was wondering what car-related things are tax-deductible? At the moment I only claim for work-related mileage.
  4. Andy W

    Took car for rust assessment today...

    Took car for rust assessment today, the dealer had a look around it, the items I brought to his attention were: 1) right hand side of rear numberplate 2) spare wheel well 3) all four arches 4) Pillar inbetween rear drivers side door and rear window 5) bonnet area around grille 6)...
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