1. HorseandJockey

    M6 Tag interfernce with Lane Assist

    Quick question if you can help.... Could an M6 smart tage sitting in the cop holder on a W222 affect the Lane Assistance system?
  2. addbuyer

    Adaptive Highbeam Assist Left or right?

    Guys please help as the Merc manual is cr@p When driving abroad (on the right hand side of the road) what should the adaptive high beam assist be set on? The manual tells you how to locate and adjust the setting but what is traffic on the right or left? Is it the side your driving on i.e...
  3. W

    Active Lane Assist

    My car stated "Active Lane Assist" in the advert when I purchased it. I know there's varying types of this system, so do I have the type that can steer the car back between the white lines, or does it just rumble the steering wheel? Also, I have Parktronic but can this only be used for...
  4. S

    W166 Adaptive Mainbeam Assist

    I have just bought a 2015 ML 250 that has the Intelligent Bi Xenon headlight system but the Adaptive Mainbeam Assist (Option 608) is not selectable. Is it possible to enable this at all? Thanks Shaun
  5. M

    Perpendicular Park Assist (ML 250)

    Does Perpendicular Park Assist work on a ML 2015 (W166) model? Parallel parking works just fine, but I am unable to get Perpendicular parking to activate, despite driving around the supermarket car park all evening! Is it supposed to work? Thanks
  6. -AJC-

    Park Assist - 2006 W164 ML320 CDI

    Our 2006 ML 320 CDI has genuine MB parking sensors fitted on both front and rear bumpers but is not fitted with the LED display on the front dash or rear dome light? It neither has the ParkAssist deactivate button on the lower dash as the system is controlled through the multi function display...
  7. P

    W213 lane change assist -possible to activate retrospectively?

    I've got a w213 with the full drive pilot package. It's an early 2016 car so was out before the lane change assist was deemed legal in the UK. I'm assuming it's legal now as i see it offered in the merc configurator. I've got all the right hardware so i wondered if it's possible to...
  8. jih2000

    retrofit blind spot assist / distronic plus

    Hi, Anyone had blindspot assist or distronic plus retro-fitted? I have a 2013 c63 facelift model I want to fit this to
  9. mcshape

    Adaptive Main Beam assist INOPERATIVE! 3 weeks left on warranty!

    Hey everyone!, This is my first post, delighted to be here. Have trwled the threads the last 2 weeks about this error but said i would ask the question see if anyone could advise. I have a 2010 W212 E200 CDI Avantgarde with the Active BiXenon lights. About a month ago the drivers side xenon went...
  10. B

    GLE traffic sign assist

    Hi guys I need some help I have taken my GLE abroad and everytime I switch it on there is a warning from the traffic sign assist Obviously this is due to me being in a different country Therefore I wanted to know how can I disable it? I am even happy to disable the sat nav completely...
  11. A

    Is my assist working OK

    On my snowy drive to work this morning my driver assist never came on that it wasn't functioning properly. But when the snow didn't let up I thought I'd better jucie my car up, on the way to the garage it did warn me and it probably wasn't snowing as heavy as my 5am drive to work. Anyway it...
  12. X

    MB coding for Distronic Active Steering Assist

    Hi Does anyone know Xentry coding values to disable or increase the time of Distronic Active Steering Assist warning when the hands are off the steering wheel for 10 seconds? Thanks
  13. S

    W204 Rear Parking assist

    I have a new to me C220 and my rear parking sensors don't make a audible beep when i get closer to a object while reversing, the light bar above rear screen progressively light up as i get closer to a object but no beeps? Is the a menu where i can switch the beep function on ?
  14. K

    Park Assist Malfunction

    During a recent parallel park manoeuvre using park assist my car looked like it was going to reverse turn into a space, then change its mind and ran straight back side swiping the car behind! The speed of the reverse was quicker than my reactions to prevent a collision. Only slight panel...
  15. M.Khalid

    (W204 Facelift) Lane Keeping Assist?

    Hi Everyone, I was looking on AutoTrader for some W204 Facelift C63 Sedan as I may buy one in the near future, and I asked myself the following question: -Does every (or almost every) C63 facelift have Lane Keeping assist? No one mentions Lane Keeping Assist on their adds, however you...
  16. P

    W213 Multibeam high beam assist..

    ... Seems to be hated by lorry drivers. Been flashed countless times by lorries, only very occasionally by cars, when using high beam assist on a roads. Even when the road is flat and the car can see the lorry lights they'll still flash me. Anyone else getting that? I'm reluctant to use the...
  17. M

    2017 Mercedes E Class Evasive Steering Assist - Video

    2017 Mercedes E Class Evasive Steering Assist NgcFUCbteIg
  18. sgh

    E Class A207 63 Plate, Park Assist & Reverse Camera?

    Will hopefully be picking up a 63 plate E Class Cabrio in a few weeks. I know it has Park Assist but does that automatically mean it has a reversing camera too? Cheers
  19. C

    Lane assist

    My e220 has what looks like a camera lens pointing forwards Some one told me it's some lane assistant. And that if I drift across a white line the stealing who'll will vibrate...... It doesn't lol So is the camera just fitted as standard and connected if paid for via an extra? Or it...
  20. S

    W212 with Adaptive Highbeam Assist

    Hi, my 2010 E320 CDI appers to have the dipped beam set too high. Why do I believe his? The response of say 5% of drivers who flash me when approaching plus my own observations. To my mind the dipped beam appears to be set midway between dipped and what I would consider to be a main beam...
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