1. joe

    Genuine Tele Atlas France 2004/2005

    Tele Atlas 2004/2005 France ISBN 90-428-0397-5 Compatible with Blaupunkt Travel Pilot NON DX VERSION I bought in error I needed DX version It was sold to me as never used, and I have never used. 2 cd's in box with leaflets/information. Outer packing looks worn CD case and disks are as...
  2. High-Lo

    Blaupunkt Tele Atlas CD - Authentic or not?

    Hi all, Bought a DX 2011/2012 DX CD from the Bay. My COMAND 2.0 canot read it but does the CD itself look genuine? Has anyone else got this 2011/2012 CD to compare? Cheers, Steve
  3. M

    Tele Atlas

    Does anybody have an old copy of Tele Atlas lying around that they dont want? Not fussed what version, must work in comand 2.0 W163 (ML320) thanks
  4. A

    WTB : W124 facelift bumper - Atlas Grey

    I know it's a bit of a long shot, but I'm looking for a complete facelift (93-96) w124 front bumper (with aircon) in Atlas Grey. Must be in good/excellent condition and ready to bolt on. Anyone have one available or know where there may be one for sale? Thanks
  5. A

    Tele Atlas Navigation Disk

    Hi, I would like an updated Nav Disk for the 2001 S500. Anyone got anything that might be of interest? It needs to be a CD and not a DVD.... Thanks,
  6. daniemj

    SA Tele atlas DX rip off

    HI there. I think the South African Tele Atlas DX disks in South AFrica is a real rip off. I did a comand retrofit on my 2002 mercedes ml. I bought the newest tele atlas dx disk earlier this year. The newest disk that is available in South Africa is only 2006 and it cost R2100 (190 british...
  7. T

    >2006 SatNav disc Tele Atlas DX with iTMC

    Hi, any one upgrading their Navigation CD and want to sell on their old one? I'm looking for a genuin post 2006 Tele Atlas DX type wit iTMC. If you are interested please PM me. Many thanks Keith
  8. splang

    For Sale: 2006 Tele Atlas Sat Nav Disc

    On sale now on Ebay. (Includes 2004 disc as a free extra)
  9. Mercedes cozy

    Tele Atlas 2007 travel pilot dx Disc (Sat Nav)

    Does anyone have this disc, I need to update my disc in my SAT NAV, I have a ML270CDI 2002. PM me with details.
  10. Hammerhead

    Tele Atlas France 2004 CD Nav Disk (DX)

    As per title, one genuine Tele Atlas France 2004 disk. I used this last year in my CLK C209 without problems. Got us to where we wanted to go and back! As I no longer have the Merc, thought I'd offer it up for grabs. PM me if interested. Works on APS comand units 1.0 and 2.0. Is TMC enabled...
  11. High-Lo

    Problem with my 'Copy' of 2006DX Tele Atlas CD

    I just bought an eBay 'bargain' - A 2006 DX Tele Atlas CD for £31 delivered. Upon opening the bubble bag I noticed immediately that the 'original' CD had Verbatim CD-R printed on the centre. Anyway I tried the CD in my Comand this morning and unsurprisingly it doesn't work - Just get read...
  12. jahewitt

    Tele Atlas Nav CD for MB Command

    Here is my listing for the NAV cd for Command - never even broke the seal !!
  13. S

    Tele Atlas Call Centre

    I was called by some purporting to be the tele atlas call centre. Knew my name address & car. Would I like to buy a new CD? They were offering the one I wanted at a special price. MY problem is that I am a suspicious cynical old sod. (Perhaps brought on my dealing with MB Dealers) Was this a...
  14. X

    Wanted Copy of Germany Tele Atlas CD Based

    Anyone got a copy of a Tele Atlas Germany CD Rom based I can buy must be relativerly new upgrade. xixal
  15. B

    Tele Atlas Sat.Nav Discs

    I have just bought a new C220CDI Estate with DVD sat nav, and part-exed my 2001 C270CDI Saloon. As a result of this transaction, I have two comparatively new discs for sale as follows, 1)TAN Western Europe 2003 DX/M7 (AM)...........1008370 (Article No) 2)TAN UK/Ireland 2004 DXc/P7 ITIS...
  16. sym

    For Sale : Tele Atlas Sat Nav CDs

    Tele Atlas Great Britain & Belfast (Set of 2 x Original CDs) 2003/2004 DX - Paid over £100 for this less than 1 year ago. Have now upgraded to TMC disc, so open to offers on this one. £50 anybody ? S.
  17. design guru

    Wanted Tele Atlas Europe

    I am after a Sat-nav disk for Europe Roads. Please email if you have one available. [email protected]
  18. M

    New Tele Atlas UK/Ireland 2004 CD

    Has anyone tried this new Tele Atlas 2004 cd with TMC codes if so what do they think? Is it worth the money? Can it be backed up :devil: Do post codes work with command? Any other Problems? Regards Paul
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