1. L

    Att! Att! Shude breaking the c230k

    Hello there cant pm u as im a new member,im really intrested in the c230k auto gearbox,you said that you are not sure of condition of the gearbox how come?,has it been damaged in the crash,was it working fine before, an is there any way off testing it,how much would you want for it,cheers lee
  2. gaz6148

    att mods

    have been lurking here for a while and noticed sometimes (i do ot have sufficient privleges to post sometimes) do i need to pay for a type of membership if so how?
  3. Z

    att all s class owners

    there is a recall out which is affecting s class mercs regarding the drainage hole on the heaterbox situated in the engine bay. if you open your bonnet and look in the right hand corner of the engine bay,you should see a plastic grill/mesh cover about the size of a ice cream tub lid. this is...
  4. Z

    att paul grainger auto box dipstick

    CLICKED ON NEW TOPIC INSTED OF REPLY fudger is right,I don't agree with sealed for life gearbox oil either,if the box goes bang after 3 years because of dirty/bad oil,then merc won't pick up the tab for the replacement box. the dipstick is not under the sealed cap you are on about,but that is...
  5. Koolvin

    ATT: ALL moderators

    Can you all see the VIP board under the STAFF ONLY section at the bottom of the page?
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