1. W

    Alarm going off when I attach battery R129

    Hi all, Disconnected my battery the other day as not using car. Went to connect it earlier and it sets the horn off! Really getting tired of this now. Any ideas? Done a Google but not found anything. Thanks
  2. B

    Unable to attach pics to my posts

    Don't know why but l can not seem to attach a pic to my thread. I upload my small jpeg to my attachments and it shows up (and can be opened) but then after a few minutes it disappears. I can still see it it my UCP but after about half hour disappears altogether. Please what am l doing wrong...
  3. PaulE230

    MB number plate backing plates , How do I attach them to the car

    Thanks in advance. .
  4. Subyland

    Outlook won't let me attach a file!!!

    My Outlook has been playing up recently, preventing me from attaching a file to an e-mail. It says "could not open one or more attachement. I can try 10 times and it won't work, but for some reason it works at the 11th...:devil: Does anyone has any suggestion ??
  5. sym

    HOWTO: Attach Pictures to a Post

    See below :-
  6. sym

    HOWTO: Attach Pictures to a Post

    See below :-
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