1. G

    Attaching Mirror (Glass) to Motor

    Hi All, This must be the most over asked question but I can't find anything, only references to there being posts so please excuse me. Basically I clashed wing mirrors the other day, no damage to either car but the glass and the plastic it is attached to popped off of the motor section. I...
  2. kraftwerk

    Number plate attaching

    My wife bought me a plate for Christmas. Before I steam in with a chisel and claw hammer to remove the old ones, I have two questions: they appear just to be stuck on - do I just prise them off? And what's the best way to affix the new ones? I used sticky pads for the plates on my bus, but had...
  3. portzy


    I have been told this before but you know me :o . I have a self composed word document that I want to post in "Off Topic" as a thread starter after a newly worded introduction in the thread itself. How?, I've been told something along the lines of cut-paste-copy etc. I wouldnt mind a blow...
  4. N

    Attaching a nokia standard dash mount?

    I had the bonus of being told I have a nokia car kit hidden away behind my dash today and although I knew the speaker and mic were in the car didn't realise the phone holder was all rigged up etc. Anyway cutting a long story short I have the mount and it looks like this...
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