1. A

    280/W211 Saloon Diff attachment

    My E280 has only a single bush attaching the diff (?) to the chassis cross member, even though there is a pair (left and right) of attachment points. Does this matter? Picture included, looking from rear of vehicle. View is upwards from under the fuel tank.
  2. A

    New here How do I get More attachment Space for Photos?

    Hello, Newbie here wishing to add my 48 years experience of working on cars to the members of this Superb Site. My question is: I have just posted a few things and added photos (7) to help/explain but wish to add more of my knowledge/photos but noted I have filled up my allotted...
  3. tacho d

    Phone attachment

    Hi all, I noticed there is a phone facility on the steering wheel wheel on a w208 clk. Bearing that these cars were designed before bluetooth was even dreamed of there must be a way of attaching a phone, (somewhere) by means of a cable. Can a modern smartphone be used on this link? I assume a...
  4. L

    Power Washer Attachment

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get an attachment for a power washer which allows you to remove dirt/mud etc from wheel arches? I saw one recently at a carwash place -it was almost 'U' shaped. They told me that they had got someone to make it for them (could'nt remember who !)
  5. Dave Richardson

    Karcher T200 Racer attachment

    I have a brand new & unused Karcher T200 patio cleaning attachment for sale, comes complete with 1 mtr extension pole. Suitable for use on Karcher K models e mail me at [email protected] for photo's. I'll sell for £25 + £5 postage
  6. Tan

    Attachment app for Iphone email

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good app for an iPhone that allows attachments to be saved from an email and then allows files to be attached to emails. Thanks Tan
  7. nigel cross

    W203 Roof Box Attachment

    I have a set of M.B.roof bars and I'm after the fixings to slide the roofbox in the T slot, to attach it. Parts dept say that they are only available with a M.B. roof box and not seperate.
  8. R

    Jet wash drain cleaning attachment - any good?

    Has anyone used one of the above - attaches to a jet washer and apparently will find its own way along drains by firing jets backwards? Recently needed to get into the base of a siggle trap siphonic toilet that is on the ground floor. No chance from the pan but from the gulley it was 1M...
  9. NW_Merc

    Part numbers of attachment parts

    I have bought the trim for my bootlid off ebay, however I now need the plastic rivets that hold the trim to the lid..... I also need advice on how to remove the bracket that holds the warning triangle in place without breaking it.... I know it's relatively cheap if I do break it and so a part...
  10. J

    Email attachment advice

    Can anyone shed some light on this email i have received it's from: [email protected] and contains this attachment: marketwatch-8835283447.pdf. and nothing else As i have just joined this forum i was wondering if it was from someone associated with the MBClub UK. I don't open...
  11. Fady

    W211 Fuel Filler Cap Attachment

    When I picked up the replacement mirror indicator from the parts dept last week (as detailed in a previous post), the chap serving me said "anything else Sir". Off the top of my head, I mentioned that my fuel cap was detached from it's fixing, so he came out with me and had a look. It's been...
  12. C

    ISOFIX child-seat attachment points - possible to add?

    Would anyone know: is it possible to have ISOFIX attachment points added to an existing car that was ordered without them? 2005 W211 in my case... thanks much for any comments.
  13. P

    Boot spring attachment sheared off???

    Hi, I have a c200 (1998 model) and there was an almightly thud from the boot area. After investigation found that the sping that opens the boot had fractured and sheared the metal plate that it attaches to on the boot. Has anyone had the same problem and how much does it cost to repair...
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