1. MB James

    Decent alternative to hozelock attachments?

    Whenever I use my nilfisk jet wash, the hose attachments disconnect from the tap or the connection at the hose reel after a couple of minutes of use. Its the pressure from the nilfisk that causes it. Are there any stronger attachments I can use instead of hozelock? I'm also using the standard...
  2. Mudster

    Trouble opening attachments

    As title, I've recently started having problems opening email attachements, PDF's .Doc basically anything. I've got no viruses. Old attachments (previous to the last 10 days open fine). The message I get when I try to open PDF's is:- There was an error opening this document. The file is...
  3. Parrotman

    E Mail Attachments Getting Stripped Off

    Would very much appreciate any advice please. Have 2 PCs'; one running Outlook Express with AVG and the other running Outlook with Mcafee. Both with XP and with Virgin Cable ( formerly NTHell ). Both are wired network with netgear router. Any emails that are sent with attachments be them jpg...
  4. K

    Opening e-mail attachments

    I have Windows Vista,when i get an attachment document i cant view it,i'm asked if i want to open it or save it.If i select open it starts to transfer the file but then just comes back to the same box DO YOU WANT TO OPEN OR SAVE, so if i save it i get the same box again
  5. Turbo2ol2


    Hi , it would seem that I can post attachments in this forum but not in the members gallery, i dont know why but the 'manage attachments icon 'is present here but not in the gallery section ?any advice is appreciated thanks guys / gals. regards . Dave
  6. NormanB

    Manage Attachments

    Requesting advice here: I am trying to upload a picture to the forum using the manage attachment facility. I get an error message of 'exceeds your quota by xx bytes' - no matter how small I make the image the value at xx seems to random! At the bottom of the 'manage utility the message...
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