1. S

    AMG A45 - attempted theft

    Got my A45 in November and have been loving it so far, has warmed up nicely and is great fun to drive. However I'm now sat at home with a broken kitchen window, been up since 4.30am after some scrote tried to break into my house presumably after the car keys. Police are sure that the car was...
  2. sparkynw

    Attempted AMG theft...fuming..

    After just 6 weeks of joyfull ownership the scumbag maggots came knocking for my CLA tonight at 4pm in broad daylight! They came through the rear patio doors but alarm and neighbours scared them away. Thankfully my daughter had gone to a friends after school and they didn't hurt the dog, I'm...
  3. N

    GLC seatbelt failure & attempted MB cover up.

    Mum warns Mercedes-Benz drivers after seatbelt 'fault' sends child flying into dashboard - Manchester Evening News
  4. S

    Careful if you live in Wolverhampton... Attempted theft.

    Last night at 2am odd a good friend had this... They took his neighbours X5 instead. There have been a lot of German Equipmemt going missing! See video!
  5. babz

    Has anyone attempted this?

    Hi guys, was just wondering if anyone had tried to install an aftermarket sub and amp in their W202? ive done many installations but im a little curious on how it will work out. it seems like the merc is too well put together (making it hard to hide/feed the wires??) any advice??
  6. Supacool1

    Attempted Stolen Star!

    Some tosser in the last few days tried to steal my bonnet Star! In the process it kinda fell off after my partner was reversing. I noticed it straight away when I got home from work! What sort of world do we live in?!?! :wallbash: Off to egay I go to find a replacement. Do I get a like for...
  7. azaman

    Attempted Robbery

    This incident happened yesterday afternoon folks... My sister, who is heavily pregnant, was on her way home in east London (layton area) with her 3 year old daughter in the back of her BMW X5. While waiting at traffic lights a young man opened the driver’s side door and started to struggle...
  8. A

    Potential attempted car break in

    Fuming right now - I know they say bad luck come's in three's. 1. My brothers house got broken into on Wednesday this week, luckilly nothing was taken (other than an old mobile phone). 2. We went round to visit my brother this evening to have dinner with them. After the meal my...
  9. bobby

    Someone attempted to steal my wing mirror!?

    Ladies & Gentlemen, Just have to vent at the pathetic nature of certain individuals in today's society. Returning to my car last night after a hard day at work, I noted that someone of unspecified parentage had attempted to remove my driver's side wing mirror, failed, and in the process...
  10. D

    Attempted Theft of my car - Need Advice

    Hello chaps, Some lowlife tried to break into the car last night. Me and my wife went to my brothers house to see his new born baby and stayed there for the night. When we planned to leave for home at 11am morning, I saw that some SON **************** had smashed the window with a possible...
  11. KLP 92

    Attempted theft of the SEC

    I was working on the car quite late last night fixing the misfire problem. By the time i finished it was close to midnight so i didn't bother putting the car in the garage, as i wanted to take it back up first thing in the morning. At 3am i heard a noise outside, i'm normally a heavy sleeper...
  12. Paul

    Attempted theft

    Sorry for my absence, hope everyone is well and had a good xmas. Anyway early Sunday morning some p*ss head tryed to smash my back passenger door glass with a metal sign :( . Luckily he made such a noise he work up some residents at the Victoria Holiday Inn who called the police and caught...
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