1. T

    Viewing a 2004 E270 CDI tomorrow. Anything I should pay particular attention to?

    It's an estate with FSH (apparently), and 178k miles on the clock. I've been told it's been well looked after by the local doctor owner for the last 12 years but there are few if any receipts for work. I'll be insisting on a good test drive and I'll be looking over the car best I can...
  2. merc85

    Attention Dodgy advert Merc c55

    This car is advertised on Piston heads up North, think it may be a forum car. This is the add on ebay Rare 2005 Mercedes c55 AMG | eBay This is the Piston heads add Used 2005 Mercedes-Benz AMG C55 AMG for sale in Western Isles | Pistonheads
  3. M

    Attention To Detail

    Had to share this. Given that they have their name plastered all over them, would the dealer really expect me to allow this pair of awful plates on my shiny new car? Thankfully I had already supplied my own good quality plates, but for some reason they still went ahead with producing this...
  4. normanh

    Attention SLK owners

    I am buying a 2013 SLK but can't find the lock nut key in the vehicle the current owner is unable to help Ive checked the boot and everything else is there jack w/brace compressor etc but no key. Anyone throw any light on this before I have to buy one
  5. S

    Attention. Please start engine....

    2015 W205 Every so often a warning message appears as I get in the car on the info screen in the dash. "Attention. Please start engine. See owners manual" Except there is no reference to this in the manual. I have logged calls with MB and 3 dealers, no one has come back to me. The car...
  6. Scooby_Doo

    Was I the only one not paying attention?

    I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere before , so came as a bit of a surprise. April 2017 VED rates on cars over £40,000 , annual VED to be £450 a year from year 2 to year 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So is there going to be a rush of registrations in early 2017 and will it have an...
  7. thebig1

    Attention Assist, Standard?

    Hi Guys, Do you know if the attetion assist is standard C63 2013?
  8. D

    Attention Assist: System inoperative

    Hi Had a new W166 for a month now and had my first longish journey this weekend (approx 250 miles mainly motorway). Noticed that when checking the Attention Assist screen it showed "Attention Assist: System Inoperative" :( When I checked it again this morning without the engine running I...
  9. John Jones Jr

    Quality & attention to detail.

    I'm sure it's not everybody's cup of tea but the sheer quality and attention to detail I find is just awesome. 1000hp Worth Of Recoil - Speedhunters
  10. L

    Attention GlenQ

    I have tried several times to PM you about the iPhone but nothing seems to have happened. Any chance you could PM me or email lyserman at Thanks, Tony
  11. Jukie

    C43 Wagon - needs attention.

    MERCEDES BENZ ESTATE C43 AMG 1999 for SPARES or REPAIR [Barn Fresh] | eBay
  12. C a r s e

    Mercedes E220 - Needs attention

    Hi all, I am looking to sell my E220 which is in outstanding condition and mechanically sound, but engine chokes itself (Too much fuel or air), please see link below if you are interested. 2003 MERCEDES E220 CDI ELEGANCE AUTO, Needs Attention, diesel, outstanding cond | eBay
  13. CardinalZeus77

    Attention Assist

    After owning the car for over 2 years and 33K miles in the Attention Assist came on and beeped for the first time last night on the M1 at around midnight. I was very tired driving back from London and was starting to nod off and it went off. Very impressed! I always wondered if it worked and I...
  14. F

    Attention all W108/W109 owners

    I'm writing a buyers guide on the W108/109 for Classic Cars magazine and would like some input from people who know about these cars so the guide can be as accurate as possible. Part of our guides is an 'owners' experiences' section, where a couple of owners relate the ups and downs of...
  15. trapperjohn

    For the attention of neilr

    Hi Neil, Im after a blue roll top box for between the front seats of a 124. Current wood is Zebrano. CHEERS John
  16. C

    Amazing attention to detail on a 540k

    Mercedes 540K at Villa d'Este - Detailing World
  17. M

    Attention Assist

    After 3000 miles of trying to trick/trigger the attention assist without sucess, It went off twice today on a 300 mile journey when i found myself on the verge of nodding off! Clever bit of kit.
  18. developer

    Attention Gamers - Help Please.

    We're planning to buy a gaming chair for my youngest (15) - PS3 compatible. He's tall at nearly 6ft so size is important. Regarding these chairs, I know nothing :confused:. I'd like to get a decent one, speakers, vibe pads etc. All suggestions about what and where gratefully received.
  19. portal_96

    Attention assist

    Can anyone talk me through what this is / how it works? I've not experienced it in action - am I paying too much attention?! Cheers
  20. nb_racing

    Attention C43 owners

    I need some new front brake discs and they are rather expensive to say the least... Would anyone other owners be interested in a group buy if I can organise a discount? Put your name down if you are seriously interested. Obviously the more the better, but I don't want to arrange it for...
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