1. LTD

    Mannheim motor auctions

    An anybody access their auction sales results ? I am looking for a particular car ... Please PM
  2. abecketts

    190E Westbury Motor Auctions White, 99k Mike and K reg goes through the auction tomorrow in case any W201 fans were interested
  3. E

    British Car Auctions Back Catalogues?

    I am trying to document an ex-British Transport Police motorcycle which was sold at a BCA Peterborough auction since mid-June this year. Does anyone know of a way in which I can find out the auction date and the hammer price? The registration is LX13AOK, if that helps.
  4. bob6600

    Jenson Button auctions off 2015 helmet for charity

    For Justin Wilson's charity, doing quite well too Jenson Button #03 2015 McLaren Raceworn Helmet | eBay
  5. John Jones Jr

    Anglia Car Auctions 4th April

    Saturday 4th April 2015 - Anglia Car Auctions
  6. mickday

    Overpriced eBay auctions, money laundering?

    Seeing the post regarding used tax discs reminded me of a question I often have regarding auctions on eBay You only simply need to do a search for sold items ordered highest price first and you see some everyday stuff having sold for ludicrous prices, such as iPhone 4 & 5 for over £8,000 and...
  7. The _Don

    British Car Auctions revs up float plans ( webuyanycar )
  8. The _Don

    Rm auctions live link

    Is rather interesting -
  9. guydewdney

    online machinery auctions?

    any pointers on online auctions that have industrial machinery (bandsaws)? Like ebay, obviously, like ams..... Thanks.
  10. N

    E500 @ Silverstone Auctions

    Spotted this at Silverstone Auctions on 21st July. 1993 Mercedes W124 E500 - Silverstone Auctions They also have a 1993 E320 Sportline Cabriolet with "Heritage Grill" ;) 1993 Mercedes Benz E320 "Sportline"Cabriolet - Silverstone Auctions
  11. N

    1998 C43 @ Manheim Auctions (62k miles)

    Spotted this which might be of interest to someone. Will be sold at Manheim Colchester on 15th March. No pictures online at the moment. Details: Lot 8104: 1998 - MERCEDES-BENZ - C CLASS -...
  12. W

    Manheim Auctions in Coventry - anyone tried it?

    Google Maps Does anyone know exactly what happens at Manheim Auctions near Coventry airport? The sign outside side auctions every Wednesday and Saturday, yet there are no details of this site on their website. Manheim Remarketing - Locations Just curious. Has anyone bought a car from...
  13. D

    A day at the Auctions

    Well we sold the Merc over the weekend, so it was time to go car shopping. The original plan was, well there was not one. I'd just had enough of the big bills that the Mercedes was generating. The other half and daughter are both getting into horses (in the case of the other half this was...
  14. The _Don

    Auctions: Encouraging signs in the used market?

    Auctions: Encouraging Signs In The Used Market? - PistonHeads Headlines
  15. Bobby Dazzler

    Requests for future DVLA Auctions

    Anyone ever requested that a particular registration number be included in a future auction? If so, do they contact you to let you know before they auction it?
  16. M

    RM Auctions to selling 2 CLK GTRs & a Gullwing V8!

    I saw this on PistonHeads, as figured you guys would want to see this! RM Auctions has an auction coming up at the end of October where, amongst their Lots, is TWO Right Hand Drive CLK GTRs - the only two in existance. One is a Roadster with only 34km on the clock, the other a Coupe, which has...
  17. A

    Cash is NOT king at Car Auctions.

    Last week i bought a car at auction (B.C.A Bedford) for £6k but was quite surprised at the extra charges they put on top for non traders. I ended up paying £352 extra, the most surprising to me was the 1.5% they charge if you buy with cash or C/C. I paid the minimim needed in cash (£1,200) to...
  18. stats007

    British Car Auctions

    Is anyone a member or regular viewer? Wondering if they print sales lists after the auctions have ended?
  19. crockers

    Car Auctions - advice

    Hi - I'm looking to buy my granddaughter her first car - and as she is 17 I want this to be a Group 1 car. Has anyone bought a car from an auction? If so what sort of price saving should I be looking to save? Obviously it has to be driven away - how can this be arranged if the car is untaxed...
  20. R

    Advice in buying car from auctions

    Are there really good bargains there or should I just stick with auto trader? Richard
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