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  1. RonFleet

    W205 Audio 20 hangs

    My C220's Audio 20 system hung yesterday, about 20 minutes into a journey. The display screen on the centre console was frozen, nothing changed (time/radio information/heater information, etc.). The heater controls operated, but did not display the changes on the screen. The NAVI, MENU, RADIO...
  2. G

    Audio 20 Media Play Random Order

    Am I the only one having this problem? I have just taken delivery of my 10 months old C220D AMG Line. My previous C220 with COMAND allowed me to play media playlists in random order AND REMEMBERED THE RANDOM SETTING. My new car with Audio 20 plays in random order but resets itself every time I...
  3. S

    iPod adapter Audio 20

    Hello Forum, I'm just wondering / planning: I've got an Audio 20 with its aus-in "iPod socket". I'd like to install a microphone that would relay sound to the speakers at the rear as a forward facing driver can hardly be understood at the back. Would this work? I've done it using an...
  4. Gollom

    Audio 20 2.5 installation

    Can anybody confirm/help please on an old post from Alfie? A pic or a “back of a fag packet” diagram would be fantastic!! This only applies if your car is an A/B/C/ML/GL/R class car...... Pin 7 on the white 12 way connector is antenna power from the NTG 2.5. This needs to go to Pin 13 on the...
  5. D

    Help Required: Problems with Audio 20 in W211

    I bought a 2004 E Class Estate 2 months ago with an Audio 20 unit and 6 CD changer, plus Nokia phone cradle, to which I added a Viseeo MBU-3000 Bluetooth kit. Since owning the car I have experienced the following intermittent problems: 1. CD changer not working - when you press the CDC button...
  6. D

    2002 E Class - Sat Nav Upgrade

    Hi, I've read a lot of stuff but am still clueless, just looking for any advice! I've been given a 02 plate E Class for work and need to get the Sat Nav working. It didn't come with a disc and the car just says 'Navigation Unavailable'. Can anyone point me in the right direction of what...
  7. S

    B Class Help Please

    Hi I'm hoping someone can please assist me. I have a 2009 B Class 180 CDI. It is fitted with the Audio 20 system which is single CD, no changer. It has the AUX socket in the glove box. I'm trying to work out which model this is, as I want to connect my iPhone to the system for music...
  8. B

    Audio 20 - missing album art (only some are displayed)

    Hello, Got myself a brand new C180. I chose to drop the COMAND I had in my previous car (way too expensive for what it is). In my previous car, I used a 32GB USB stick to play MP3 music. I have added album art to all of my audio files, and the COMAND system had no problems to display the...
  9. G

    Hidden storage door won't open after removing Audio 20 unit & broken CD player

    Hi, my 3 year old broke the CD player on the Audio 20 head unit. I'm not sure what he did but it was displaying TRACK when I got home. I took it out and left it for 30 mins. When I put it back it said CD ERROR. I can see there's no CD stuck in it but I can't put a CD in as part of the...
  10. K

    UMI for Audio 20

    Hi everyone, :) I was hoping to get some opinions and also feedback for people who have installed the UMI to the Audio 20 unit in the C Class W204 model. I am planning to do this and wanted to know if you have it installed already what you think in terms of the graphics vs tom tom/...
  11. S

    Phones again

    Hello, 1st post for my 1st Mercedes. I've had a quick look throughout the forum on this subject and there is a lot discussed but I have some questions of my own. I currently have an audio 20 system in my C-class sports coupé. It has a lot of phone buttons but no phone cradle or Bluetooth...
  12. Goldfish11

    Help - Samsung Galaxy mini & A Class Audio 20 bluetooth problem

    My Dad has just bought a 2 year old "A Class" which has the Audio 20 with Bluetooth included. He has also just purchased a Samsung Galaxy mini GT-S5570 and we are really struggling to get this working with the Car. We have managed to get the phone to sync contacts and it also connects so you...
  13. Z

    Audio 20

    hi. i got AUDIO 20 in my w203 2006. i normally pair it with my iphone via bluetooth using a PARROT 3000 UNIT, to make and receive calls, i wuld to find out how do i make calls by using the dials on the AUDIO 20 and how to transfer the contacts from my iphone to the AUDIO 20 unit, thanks
  14. Sport Edition

    W203 Audio 20 iPod - Bluetooth Phone Kit

    Hi, Does anyone have experience/knowledge of this: Parts for Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes C Class '01-'07 Bluetooth Handsfree Phone Kit & iPod Intergration I've ordered a VisseO MB-2 for my phone and was about to commit to a MB iPod kit but I've found this and it looks like it'll do both as...
  15. Y

    New member from Wales!

    Hi, I own an SLK 200 R171, i have had it for just over a year! It has Audio 20 system (Looking to upgrade for a comand system) and am also looking for some nice alloys! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Sam.
  16. T

    2005 clk audio 20 audio input.

    Hi all, great site. Brought a CLK 320 CDI back in February, my first merc :D Cars been great, love the pillarless coupe, really turns heads. The power is also very nice.......... Anyway down to business, i have searched the board and contacted comand, all with no joy. I have an audio 20 unit...
  17. S

    audio 20 dim backlight

    What is wrong with the radio in my car its a audio 20 and works fine but its so dim i can not read the screen i have tried turning my reset button left blanks the screen and right lights it up but still very very dim could it be a bad earth also my screen is slightly warm to touch when radio in...
  18. J

    New C-Class Audio 20/Map Pilot supply issues

    Greetings all, For my next company car I'm looking at the newly-facelifted W204 C-Class. Initially I liked the look of M-B's introductory offer of free Map Pilot sat nav; not only did I get sat nav for no extra cost but it actually reduced the leasing cost by a few £ a month compared to the...
  19. E

    Audio 20 -No Sound unless you mute & un-mute

    I have a strange question. My Audio 20 was working fine until it went for a service. Now, when I turn the radio on or when I start the car with the radio on I get no sound output although the display shows everything ok. If I press the mute button & then again to un-mute, the sound output...
  20. jim_bob567

    Will this work???

    I want an aux port on my audio 20 stereo, found this on the net... Comand Online Ltd :: Mercedes SatNav/COMAND :: COMAND Retrofit parts :: Current W169 A, W245 B, Sprinter, Vito, Viano :: Aux input for cars with Audio-20 or COMAND NTG2 version Spoke to an 'expert' on mercedes retrofitting...
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