1. T

    for sale: Becker audio10 cassette deck from 2002 mercedes eclass

    perfect condition fully working becker audio10 be-3100 cassette deck, just removed from mercedes e320, professional removal. £99 open to offers p.m. me
  2. Mike Walker

    Audio10 code problem

    I had to disconnect the battery on the SLK and then found that the radio code card was not in the documents I was given at time of purchase.:( Contacted MB via email and they responded promptly with the original code numbers. Unfortunately, having followed the handbook procedure, I cannot get...
  3. J

    What am I missing here: Audio 10 query

    I have the Audio 10 unit in my w210 e320. At some point the Traffic Announcement system in the radio has been switched on, meaning that the radio will automatically switch to a traffic announcements on another station at certain times and will cut in and out as it is (presumably) seeking said...
  4. R

    AUX audio10

    PointedThree - Adding Aux-In to a Mercedes Audio 10 CD Radio Looking at the above link. My stereo is slightly newer and doesn't look the same. Does anyone know how to do the same hack on the newer units. I have a c220 2001.
  5. D

    Audio 10 CD Radio problem

    I have a E320 cdi (1990) which came with Audio 10. Worked fine till yesterday when switching on (FM radio) the sound will come on for about 4 seconds then go silent. Backlight is on and station indicator also visible but controls become non responsive with the exception of the on-off switch...
  6. LocheeLad

    CD Changer cable part number help please...

    Hi folks, hopefully someone can help me with this... I recently bought a CD changer MC3198 and want to install it in the boot and hook it up to my Audio 10 head unit, problem I have is with cables, I don't know what part numbers I need and the local stealship is not being very helpful:dk...
  7. J

    Problems with Audio10 in '98 E430

    Anyone else out there had problems with their Audio10 CD? I often get a "CD Error" message and it takes an age to start up a CD or skip tracks. Also, the RDS seems a little eager! When trying to listen to Xfm, for instance, the radio will decide I want to listen to Absolute! This is a...
  8. L

    W203 Audio 10 replacement with Aftermarket Headunit

    Hi, I need some advice... I have an C Class 2002 W203 (Pre-face lift, I think) that has the factory fitted BOSE audio 10 system. What I'm trying to find out is if I can remove that unit and fit a double DIN sat-nat/DVD unit off Ebay. From what I can see, the unit will fit the dash, but I'm...
  9. W

    Audio10 RDS Cassette won't play traffic bulletins

    I've got an audio 10 RDS with cassette deck and CD changer. The problem is that I cannot get it to play traffic bulletins. I know they only work on the FM waveband. I have the radio tuned in to several BBC local radio stations and they all have good reception. All the buttons seem to work...
  10. henry1

    Bluetooth Handsfree Kit with Mercedes Audio Loom..

    Previously wired into an Audio 10 Head unit: NOKIA CK-7W CAR PHONE BLUETOOTH KIT + MERCEDES LOOM on eBay (end time 07-Mar-10 20:46:10 GMT)
  11. Ninja bouncer

    Becker Audio10 wiring diagram

    I am currently in the process of removing my becker and replacing with a Blaupunkt bluetooth unit which i got at a bargain price Only problem is, Blaupunkt dont use ISO connectors so you have to wire them up yourself the old fashioned way can anyone point me in the direction of a wiring...
  12. Dieselman

    Audio-10 tape to MP3

    Recently I performed an upgrade to my standard Becker Audio-10 to enable it to play an MP3 player. The tape is sacrificed (but reversibly) and as I already had a cable with appropriate 3.5mm jack, all it cost was the cost of a Walkman. :) Nice cheap upgrade for anyone with an Audio-10 tape...
  13. G

    CD changer for W203 audio10

    Hi I am looking to get a cd changer that will play MP3s for my 2003 reg C class merc it has an Audio 10 slot CD I have checked on line and found AlpineCHA S634 with A KCA-430A would this be suitable or would I need more conectors:confused:
  14. omega1

    Audio10 CD question

    Hi all, I have replaced the Audio10 CD unit and am I right in thinking that I will need a code if I want to use it again (now it has been powered down) or if I decide to sell it? If so, where can I get a code (apart from MB) as I do not have it and how much am I likely to pay for it? Also...
  15. omega1

    Audio10 replacement

    Hi all, I picked up my C220 CDI today! First thing to do is change the stereo, it is an Audio10 and does not play MP3's! Which is no good i´m afraid, shame as the sound is quite good. I am therefore going to change the headunit and would appreciate any advice, feedback, comments before I get...
  16. milan_z

    w203 audio10 upgrade

    hi all, i have C 320 4matic elegance ´03 and my audio 1O system has problem with playing CD therefore i think is better for me upgrade it how repair it. Have you any photo with this upgrade in your car? thanks Milan
  17. S

    Audio10 Sound cuts out

    Hi all. First post on here and thought I would pick some brains or if anyone else has had the same problem. On my Audio10 in my 2000 CLK the sound will intermittently cut out and then might come back on later, it's driving me mad as I can't listen to music and then when it does come on it makes...
  18. S

    ViseeO 1000, CL180K & Audio10

    Hi Everyone! Brand new to the site, being a MB owner and already need help! (argh!) I bought a ViseeO 1000 after doing heaps of research on BT connectivity with the phone system in the 2002 CL180K I bought recently (which I love incidently!) ... The ViseeO seems to be connecting with my...
  19. SwindonCLK320

    Audio 20 upgrade from Audio10

    Hi, I have a 2003 CLK with a standard fit Audio 10. I purchased an Audio 20 stupidly thinking it would be a straight swap after I removed the old Audio 10 and little cubby tray but it won't. Anyone got any ideas? Do you have to change the centre console mounting plastics? Many Thanks
  20. F

    AUX/Line in on a Audio10 CD

    Hey guys, i need some help. i have a sportcoupe w203 with bose.. and audio 10 CD. does anyone knows how can i connect an exterior audio source (like an mp3 players) to this system? my other option would be using an audio 10 with tape-player... then i would open the radio, cut the "lines" that...
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