1. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 13th Aug. 11:00

    Summer is here and it's been a while since we last gathered at MB World for the regular natter, coffee and discussion about all things in the motoring world. The plan is as usual for these events; to gather at MB World at around 11:00 - discuss cars in the car park - retire to the showroom...
  2. C

    Mercedes E55 AMG TURBO. 500bhp+ supercar slayer beast. MOT Aug 2016- £3500ono

    Basically, it's THE fastest road legal car you get get for the money! £3500ono First up, some performance facts. 60mph to 100mph times, proven using professional Racelogic Timing gear- Not BS Speedo or iPhone app timing... This car- 4.4sec (and numerous 4.5sec runs to back it up). As a...
  3. ACID

    MSL Dyno Day 2015 Aug 9th

    Dyno Day Date : 9/08/2015 Dyno Runs £50 Per Car M156 Remap £600 M157 Remaps £750 M113 84mm Pulley and Maps £700 Diesel Remap OBD £250 Diesel Remaps BDM £300 A45 ECU Remaps £650 If anyone else needs anything extra please contact me on 07765 44 44 47 Acid
  4. AMGeed

    MotoGP Donington Aug 2015

    I have just been given 3 tickets for next years MotoGP at Donington and I intend to take my daughter and her hubby with me. Got weekend tickets, so I need a hotel for 2 nights and this is where I am finding a problem. Nearly every hotel I have checked in the area is fully booked for that weekend...
  5. F

    New to MB, have just purchased a CLK 280, registered Aug 2008 with 29000 on the clock

    Hi everyone, I have just taken the decision to move from a BMW to my first MB after 31 years of motoring. The car has had 2 owners and has a full MB service history. Firstly, hello. Secondly can anyone give me some background on the model. IE what is MPG like ? Does the sat Nav need any...
  6. Rashman

    Goodwood - Wed 21st Aug

    I'm planning to go down to Goodwood on Wednesday to meet up with Sean & Ricky. Weather should be nice. Anyone fancy a drive down there?
  7. Rashman

    Sunday 18th Aug

    Rain is spoiling things this weekend but it may be dry enough on Sunday. If so, I might get the car out and dodge clouds if anyone wants to do something :dk:
  8. 300CE

    1986 Jaguar XJ6 Series III 3.4 Auto In White 31,000 Miles Aug 2013 MOT - £1495

    OK, OK, I know I've posted up two Jags on the forum, but this looked like a bargain & I know there are few chaps who, like me, have a soft spot for a series 3! 1986 Jaguar XJ6 Series III 3.4 Auto In White Low Mileage of 31,000 | eBay
  9. Rashman

    Sunday Meet? (26th Aug)

    Hey all :thumb: I'm sure alot of you have plans this bank holiday weekend, but make it known if any of you fancy meeting up tomorrow - day or evening. If not, I'll look forward to catching up with some of you at Trax as long as the weather behaves. :rock:
  10. B

    W124 300CE ending 21st Aug.

    Looks nice to my unknowledgeable eyes. What do you chaps think? MERCEDES 300 CE | eBay
  11. Rashman

    Friday evening 3rd Aug

    Hey all. Looks like friday will be the best day of the weekend as rain is forecast for saturday and probably sunday. If anyone is around and fancies meeting for a catch-up and a coffee, I'll be around. :thumb:
  12. S

    Mount Edcumbe 2012 - 05 Aug

    Anyone going to be there?
  13. Igurisu

    Cheshire Classic Car Show 2s Aug (lots of pictures).

    Just thought I'd put up some photos from the car show today. It was very good, well represented by most marques and many stunning cars to see. Lotus Cortina on the car park outside. MGA 1600 Cobra, it had a nitrus boost in the boot! Love the Tailfins :)...
  14. Rashman

    Saturday night - 6th Aug

    I'm going to be meeting up with Lopes at Bluewater on saturday night if any of you fancy meeting us there. Would be good to get a few of the AMG's together :rock: :thumb:
  15. Rashman

    Bluewater AMG meet 14th Aug

    Hey guys and girls (Baldguy) LOL!! Right, Palmball is going to be in London on saturday 14th August. He lives up north and does not come down often. He is proper keen to meet up. So, if the weather turns out to be dry that day (14th Aug), I propose an AMG meet at Bluewater! :rock...
  16. trando

    Hampshire Pageant of Motoring, Aug 30th & 31st

    Hi Anyone going to this? It says in the blurb here that there are 'over 90 club stands'. I've not seen anyone on here mention it but i'm guessing there will be an MB Club there of some kind. I'm going along on Monday as it's not far from me. Trando
  17. un1l

    ACE CAFE - MON 25th Aug - "German Night"

    Guys, The regular german night is taking place on 25th Aug (Monday week) at Ace Cafe, Stonebridge. I am sure people local will be attending as will myself and a few of my friends. Look forward to...
  18. Koolvin

    My turn! 24th Aug 2002 GTG pics

    OK I have now uploaded the few pics I took please click here: *LINK TO PICS - CLICK ME* if anyone needs more higher res thats on there please contact me <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':)'>
  19. BaldGuy

    More GTG Pics 24th Aug

    Go to my pic site in my sig.... Good to meet everyone... Thanks to Paul who travelled all the way from Kent with his daughter...
  20. GrahamC230K

    24th Aug GTG Pics

    A taster if you did not make it and a reminder if you did. Thanks to Maff for initially hosting the event, it was great to meet everyone.
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