1. P

    Anybody ever bought a car from 'The Classic Throttle Shop' in Sydney Aus??

    Hello As the title asks? Only reason I ask is because I've just bought a Classic from there which arrives in July. Thanks
  2. proser

    £ to Aus $

    Before I go or when I get to Australia. It'll be about £200 ??
  3. Fudger

    Moving to Aus - 2003 CL for sale

    Guys, with regret, I am having to sell my lovely CL 500 as I have been fortunate to be posted to Dell in Sydney :D I bought it from MB Leicester in the summer so it comes with a Tier 1 warranty till July next year. Its a standard CL 500 with 18" MB alloys and cost £74k new I believe. Its done...
  4. B

    2002, ML270, (Aus). 140K km's

    Out on the highway today I noticed an abundance of black smoke and a distinct lack of power. I was thinking that the car had not been out of town for a while, and that the trip might blow some of the copwebs out... Speed on the highway was normal... Journey took about 3 hours (round trip) and...
  5. vijilants

    BBC rerun of Aus F1 - what a poor quality program !!!...Shame on you BBC !!!

    I have been following F1 for many many years and when I it was going back to the BBC I was glad for one reason - the annoying commercial breaks on ITV. Today I am watching the rerun of the Aus F1, and what a truly poor program. It started of with literally no lead in whatsoever. Literally no...
  6. B

    Greetings from Aus, questions on W202 C180

    Hey everyone, name is Daniel (Buckna) from the east coast of australia! About to come into possesion of a very clean W202 C180 rolling on 20's and slammed on its ass giving it that "pimp" look people drive benz's for :P hehe, well anyway, I've built a few cars over my time and done...
  7. scotth_uk

    MB Dealer layout in Brisbane, Aus.

    Whilst in Australia recently I visited the Centenary Motors dealership in Brisbane. I hadn't been there for a year or two, and was amazed at what I saw. The site has two showrooms - one for displaying cars to purchase, and another beneath it at the back of the building where purchased cars...
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