1. B

    Long way home to Sydney Australia

    Hi, this is my first post here. I live and work in Denmark since 2013 and drive a 1991 w124 250d 5 speed manual with just over 400,000km and still going strong. I'm going to retire in mid 2017 and intend to drive around Europe and the UK before heading home to my family in Australia. Any advise...
  2. G

    W209 CLK from Australia

    Hi, I have bought the above (2005 car that the owners brought to the UK in 2012) and since had another owner before I bought it. It has the COMAND system. Sadly there was no Nav DVD with it, as last owner didn't use the Nav so I have bought a UK disc, but it won't load. It seems the...
  3. def90cars

    V8 Mercedes wins in Australia

    Erebus creates history with maiden V8 Supercars victory |*Erebus Motorsport V8 | V8 Supercars Racing Team End of the two make domination. All the three new makes, Volvo, Nissan and Mercedes, have won now.
  4. cliveyboy8

    F1 Australia

    Am I missing something? There appears to be no thread on the GP. Nobody moaning about how boring F1 is, how the BBC coverage is cr*p. I enjoyed it on BBC but Suzy Perry is so distracting I had to keep pushing my tongue back in.
  5. markjay

    Chaos in Australia as pensioner drives wrong way on motorway

    Chaos As Pensioner Drives Wrong Way On Motorway
  6. B

    Best way to ship a 3.5 Kg package to Australia?

    What's the best / cheapest way to ship a 3.5 Kg package to Australia? Value is £350 so it needs to be tracked & insured AFAIK Shiply don't do quotes for Australia Nick Froome the independent Mercedes Estate specialists
  7. C

    Hello from Australia.

    We have a 2007 built W204 220 CDI which was bought new. We have had no major problems & are enjoying the car very much. I do my own servicing since new & am always willing to give & receive tips. Regards, John.
  8. loveday

    Is it illegal to rob someone in Australia????

    Is it illegal to rob someone in Australia if so this car dealer will be going to jail. Take a look at Ebay item number 320725503908 this is advertising a 2010 17 month old C63 AMG with 23,000 kilometres’ for a staggering £93,036.94 YES YOU READ IT RIGHT £93,036.94!!!!!!! :eek: I think we...
  9. M

    Hello from Perth

    G'day from sunny Perth - the most isolated city in the World!! I have been lucky enough to own MB's since 1992. I have just sold a really pristine 2007 C180 K Coupe, which I bought new and babied and which had only done just over 20 000 kms. I have been like a bear with a sore head since last...
  10. S

    Flooded Australia Pics

    Shamlessly nabbed from the dark side Worth seeing but sad-lives are ruined and communities devistated Australian flooding - The Big Picture - I wish them well.
  11. V

    Are you allowed a LHD car in Australia

    Quick question.....are you allowed to have LHD drive cars in Australia. Car in question is a 1950's Yank Tank. I have the nagging feeling that they dont allow LHD cars into Australia, but then couldn't recall if this just applied to new cars or whether I was dreaming about it!!!
  12. D

    Hello from Australia

    Hi guys, i'm from Western Australia and i've just purchased a 2004 ML270 CDI Luxury (W163). Its my 2nd euro car (also have a 3 series BMW) and I thought i would join up and see what i can find out about these cars and hopefully find out as much info as i can. Hoping to retro-fit a sat-nav...
  13. A

    Greetings from Australia

    Hi Folks! Long time reader first time poster. I've been enjoying my 2000 CLK 230 for about 10 years now and I just can't give it up. I think it will end up on blocks for the grandkids if i can get away with never having to part with it! Its seen a complete rear end rebuild after a truck put...
  14. AussieCLK320

    New Member from Australia

    Hi Guys, Another newbies joining your ranks all the way from Down-Under, Sydney-Australia I am now a proud owner of a silver 2000 model CLK320 (W208) Cabriolet Bought it second-hand and it only had 2 owners previously with only 77,000kms on the clock. Great website by the way and lots of...
  15. swannymere

    Driving to Australia

    I'm planning to take a year out in 2015/16 and drive to Australia. I want to take my 94 W124 E300d Saloon (124k-ish miles):D A) Is the car up to the task and what modifications should i expect to make? B) What's the best route? C) What problems do i need to overcome? Any advice...
  16. A

    Hi guys from a newbie down in Australia.

    G'day Fellas, I've been a long term forum member on a US [BW] and one of our Australian MB forums [ozbenz] for a while and I thought I'd join up and say G'day! I've had my 87 300SL for about 5 years and my 86 420SEL for 3 years. About 6 weeks ago I bought another 420SEL as a long term keeper as...
  17. KNU7S

    Great ebay item in Australia

    Real Man's BBQ - Not for metrosexuals or latte drinkers on eBay (end time 21-Dec-09 00:24:49 GMT) Very funny q's & A's
  18. F

    W126 300SEL Australia

    OK. I finally came across the right car, in the right place, at the right price. Took 3 months of looking. 3 owner with 240klm and full service history via mercedes dealerships. Australian delivered. Manufactured Dec 1988, first registered Jan 1990 ? Came with original warranty paperwork and...
  19. Godot

    Australia Invades New Zeland !!!

    A bit late for Australia Day, but : :devil::eek::D:D:D:D:D
  20. Crazyjester900

    Australia Vs England

    Rugby tonight.... go AUSSIE's...... :)
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