1. grober

    AUSTRIAN Grand Prix

    Don't miss it tonight at 6.0PM channel 4. ;)
  2. grober

    AUSTRIAN Grand Prix Tomorrow

    With a return to an old style "non-scalextric" track tomorrow's Austrian Grand Prix shaping up to be good un. Williams on pole position 1 and 2. :thumb:
  3. robert.saunders

    Up to 100 cars in Austrian crash

    Between 50 and 100 vehicles have been involved in a motorway pile-up in Western Austria. At least one person is reported to have been killed and police say they fear a large number may have been injured. The pile-up happened near the town of Seewalchen on the main motorway linking Vienna...
  4. Flyer

    Brits steal carloads of * Austrian roadsigns

    NSFW! (or children) Thought this was really funny - don't click if *easily* offended :D Normally, I'd post the text of the article, but on this occasion, probably best not to ;)
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