1. Chrishazle

    Authorisation of phone unsuccessful

    My 2008 S204 has the telephone pre-wiring into the centre arm rest and the correct MB cradle for my Nokia 6300. It sees the phone, but when I try to authorise using the code 62872 suggested on a current similar thread, the phone says "paired with MB cradle" but Comand says "authorisation process...
  2. clk208

    Claiming on Tier 1 warranty - typical authorisation time?

    Coming up to 6 weeks of CLS ownership and some teething problems on my car. I took it to the main dealer who I purchased from who read some diagnostic codes and performed a very thorough "vehicle health check". A few items need to be fixed. One of the more pressing items is a broken rear...
  3. Plodd

    Debit card authorisation.

    Picked up my Golf on saturday morning and all I can say is WOW. But the reason i'm posting is that I paid the balance for the car on my debit card. A sum of £20,800. I fully expected that I would need to speak to someone to get the payment through but was amazed when it went straight through...
  4. O

    drive authorisation system III

    am a bit lost. MB doesn't to want to help. could anybody outthere be in a position to know what parts/components (precisely) makeup the DAS 3. my car a c200 /09/1999 has a number on components missing but i need to know the ones i can buy second and those that i need to buy new.
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